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Thread WITH the new posts.

Legends: "Week" - last week posts, "Bold" - entered last 48 hours.
A listening room for a domesticated Cat? 1114 
Big 1114 
Old house? 1114 
To be invisible and to be time-aligned are the keys. 1114 
Invisible and time-aligned idea. 1114 
For a Given Room 1113 
House Inspections & Warranties 1113 
A min Room size.... 1107 
Charging the Large Room 1107 
A bit deeper. 1107 
Idea of Midbass in new room and time-aligment 1106 
Comfort 1106 
Choices 1105 
Value 1105 
Property line setbacks & local building codes 1105 
"romantic" illusion... 1105 
Do not need to be isolationist. 1105 
My kids... 1105 
Bingo 1105 
Interesting discussion indeed 1105 
The High Demands System 1104 
Paul S -- 1104 
Social Life vs. Private Life vs. Family Life 1104 
Losing my listening room virginity? 1101 
Somewhere about 2yo... 1101 
Happiness 1101 
Various Stages of Young 1101 
Hm, another midbass horn idea in new listening room? 1100 
Bent Bass and Double Doors 1100 
Using the real estate 1100 
Through the roof 1097 
Sideways 1096 
If not a midbass horn? 1094 
What Comes Naturally 1094 
It will be probably two bass channels. 1094 
In That Case... 1094 
The game is on. 1092 
Mazel Tov! 1092 
Great news 1092 
Wonderful! 1092 
I think it will be better with time. 1092 
Gaddis House 1092 
Congratulations! 1091 
View vs. Practicality 1088 
Multi-Tasking 1088 
Exactly! 1088 
Equipment between speakers... 1088 
Top Gear 1088 
I see no problems with "between". 1088 
Oh well... 1088 
Wall of nature 1088 
Big Window 1088 
Shades and Night Vision 1088 
...they do image wonderfully... 1088 
Another attic project? 1087 
Infinite baffle 1087 
IB 1087 
Mold 1087 
Attic Ventilation 1087 
Possible 1086 
Just strategizing 1086 
Normal orientation 1086 
Confusion. 1086 
Specifics 1086 
Driver Orientation 1086 
That all need to be though out. 1086 
It nigh be a problem 1086 
Ideas 1086 
Opposing woofers 1086 
Cabinet Size for "Subs" 1086 
Blow hard 1086 
Phoenix Gold arises from the ashes 1086 
Couple of things 1086 
So many thing I need to take under consideration in new listening room... 1074 
That's not a problem :) 1074 
A LF solution for a new room 1017 
Another midbass?!!? 1014 
Another option to consider 1012 
Room comfort upgrades 1011 
Small-blood Macondo 2016? 1009 
The color of the listening room. 995 
This would be nice...... 992 
That is it. 982 
Congratulations 982 
Well, 982 
The last week of moving... 973 
We are home! 969 
Congratulations! 969 
We found a new room in House.... 963 
Bass in bass-ment? 962 
True, but. . . 962 
Sometimes basement is not just a basement, stlil.... 961 
Well it's good that you've considered the humidity. 961 
It took for a while. 924 
Time/Change 923 
In regards to chairs... 923 
This week. 921 
What the most intriguing me in the new room is where the LF will roll off. 921 
The first day. 919 
Quick thoughts on beginning of system assembly 919 
Sounds like a nice time... 919 
For now.... 918 
Soft Bass 918 
Getting somewhere. 917 
Virtual visit to Romy's setting up (part 2) 917 
Diffusion 916 
Waiting two other shoes to drop… 915 
Space behind 915 
Slowly going back to the business. 900 
Keep on truckin' 900 
New kids: Charlie and Abbigail 898 
Audio vs Video playback. 895 
Audio and video separate or combined? 894 
AV 894 
Yes, I will need to experiment with it. 894 
A good configuration. 893 
Injection Channel 893 
It will come later. 893 
Going there.... 891 
Toddler Listeners 890 
I wish I had a toddler forever. 890 
The honeymoon night. 888 
Proximity 888 
A chicken and egg situation 879 
So far so good. 874 
A ULF solution for my new listening room 872 
Ok, a first objective look. 867 
Some room dealing basics 866 
Thinking about the forthcoming experiment. 865 
Slighly mad suggestion! Ignore accordingly 864 
Bass trap 864 
I will see... 864 
Pure arrival time minus reflection or.... 864 
Other absorbtion methods 864 
Converting acoustic problems into acoustic payback... 863 
Evolution of my rooms sound quality. 856 
Why not pentode or push-pull instead solid state. 856 
I do not know powerful pentodes in output. 854 
I thought on tetrodo and write pentodo. 854 
Zarathustra 850 
Very very nice. 831 
OB (etc.) at Midbass 831 
Theoretically possible? 829 
So True 828 
This kid has a strange genes or “Papa, how to measure twins impedance?”. 817 
Are they Brucknerised yet? 812 
7 moths and one event... 691 
The next day 689 
I don't understand the video problem. . . 689 
Choose your poisons 689 
Thank you 688 
It is very nice. 687 
Great day 686 
Macondo and wife satisfaction. 685 
A truly peaceful feeling. 680 
Macondo listening distance. 596 
Measured from? 595 
The Listening Room July 7 595 
8' all around 594 
Some comments... 594 
I am looking for inspiration. 592 
Vent that woofer 592 
I do not know yet what to do. 592 
Port vs. Not Sealed 591 
Ported 591 
No port for me, if possible... 591 
Might...... be.... 591 
K-Horns? 591 
K-Horns… hmmm very interesting… 591 
They do appear 591 
Path length of khorn 591 
The memory lane. 591 
Outside 591 
KHorn facts and truth 591 
Khorn extension 591 
The options available.... 591 
The last night looking… 590 
LF Circuit Mysteries 590 
About the use of reading my own site. 589 
Another option, very interesting. Martinshorn speak up. 589 
Could be, could be not :) im not you... 589 
Just thinking out loud... 589 
Room Mode Gain vs. Speaker/Amp Output 589 
Driver? 589 
Two separate individuals 589 
Not a fan of weak magnets 589 
Hm, who would believe that I might be happier now? 589 
One more simple idea 589 
A good thinking. 587 
A next day. 587 
Deja vu 586 
It is all depend of your roo 586 
What the holly garbage. 576 
What about at a lower volume... 576 
I do not know why. 575 
Changing Macondo Configuration 522 
SSET ;-) 521 
Thank you, I might need to look into it. 521 
More of the same? 520 
Yes, this is an option too. 520 
Actually… 520 
The Scanspeaks 520 
The Scanspeak woofers. 520 
Ah, Winnie... 520 
Last version 520 
I wrote about it. 519 
Layout 519 
Kind of LF depression… 516 
The one that got away 516 
Updated. 516 
Respect! 515 
There are plenty things to think about. 515 
Devil invented the room :) 515 
The way how I see it… 515 
A semi-temporary solution for now. 514 
One more theoretical solution 513 
Almost familiar 513 
This weekend 509 
Sum and Difference 509 
It is in the picture... 509 
Nice bias 509 
DSP is too intrusive and defeats the purpose. 509 
The grilling analogy 509 
Some listening today. 508 
Back to the drawing table. 502 
Bring them forward 502 
Promising.... 502 
Aligned how? 501 
Elementary, Watson. :-) 501 
Nice but need more work 494 
Getting there... 489 
It all looks very nice... 489 
It is still all for grabs. 489 
Great Morning!!! 488 
Wagner AND Family, at 7 am?!? 488 
Some thinking required… 487 
I never done anything like this… 486 
Still have no idea why it works as it does. 485 
Phase and Room Modes 485 
What a remarkable idiot!!!! 484 
I am back. 483 
I need some volume… 482 
Line Gain 482 
What a brilliant idea! 482 
The full monty 482 
Yep. I know. 481 
Just like a clockwork!!! 481 
Macondo calibration check sheet 2017 481 
I do not like it this arguing ... 478 
You know the voices are right... 478 
Some freaking magic. 477 
Explanation 477 
11 feet apart 476 
Juts a proposal. 476 
Stronger preamp 475 
A stronger preamp and sick Paravicini? 474 
Sick? No. 474 
Strong pre 474 
I think it will be no 312.... 474 
The new room is officially open. 461 
A picture… 447 
What a beautiful set-up! 447 
Dream place 446 
Headphones sound from playback 445 
The headphone analogy 444 
Sound in a head vs sound in space 444 
Wrong way 444 
Sounds like an insult to me 444 
Imaging. 444 
Some odd pleasure with no memory. 438 
Learn to forget 437 
The infrabass injection. 327 
The number 20 327 
Undertones? 326 
Resonance distortion 326 
There are many options 326 
I want it... 326 
Music vs, Sound Effects 326 
Clarity in the murk 326 
The gentle exit 326 
I understand 326 
Low frequency dithering 326 
Nearfield Listening vs. Performance Weight and "Space" 326 
Eventually! 142 
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All messages within the Site’s Forum Copyright © by authors of the posts
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