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Romy the Cat's personal site dedicated to advanced audio and evolved music reproduction techniques Classical Music latest News
 » 23 October Classical music news. Obituary
 » 23 October Meet The Newest Head Writer At ‘Jeopardy!’
 » 23 October The Goofy Appeal Of Renaissance Faires
 » 23 October A Frightening History Of America’s Theatre Fires
 » 23 October The Oscars Have Become More Politicized. More Troubled
 » 23 October How Unionizing Has Helped Hollywood Assistants
 » 23 October Conductor Raymond Leppard, 92
 » 23 October The Throat-Singing Mongolian Rock Band That Has Taken Worldwide Music Charts By Storm
 » 23 October Gabriel Yared to receive Max Steiner Award
 » 22 October Classical music news. Mortality and Loss
 » 22 October Raymond Leppard, Versatile Maestro Who Led Baroque Revival, Dies at 92
 » 22 October Stella Abrera To Retire From ABT
 » 22 October Australia Changes The Way It Funds Major Performing Arts Companies
 » 22 October While Many Arts Institutions Are Giving Up Oil Money, This Major Music Festival Is Raking It In
 » 22 October Leonardo Da Vinci’s Design For The World’s Longest Bridge Would Have Worked, Say MIT Scientists
 » 22 October Managers Of Paris’s New Concert Hall Try To Fine Its Architect €170 Million, And Architect Counter-Sues
 » 22 October This Cathedral Is Building Itself A Separate Caravaggio/Rubens Wing
 » 22 October How Condé Nast (Who Was A Real Person) Invented The Glossy Magazine
 » 22 October Why Should Anyone Be Upset That The Booker Prize Chose Two Winners?
 » 22 October Huang Yong Ping, One Of China’s Most Daring Modern Artists, Dead At 65
 » 22 October 111 New Plays Are Premiering In America’s Bigger Theatres This Year. Here’s A Statistical Analysis
 » 22 October Viengsay Valdés Steps Into Alicia Alonso’s Formidable Shoes At National Ballet Of Cuba
 » 22 October The (Click)bait And Switch Of Modern Curiosity
 » 22 October ‘Angels’ In East Texas: How Tony Kushner’s Play Tore Apart, And Then Changed, A Small Southern Town
 » 22 October Why We’re Attracted To Things That Creep Us Out
 » 22 October The twenty-five record albums that changed my life (5)
 » 22 October Recent Listening: “New” Ones By Anne Phillips And Roger Kellaway
 » 22 October Solomon Volkov on Stalin and Shostakovich
 » 22 October Confronting the MoMA Monster: How Its Rehang Lynches the Collection
 » 22 October Studies: Acting Changes Actors’ Brains
 » 22 October Humans Say: Music is Not An Algorithm
 » 22 October Reading As An Active Sport (No Really)
 » 22 October Orange County’s Segerstrom Center Gets A New Leader
 » 22 October San Francisco To Make Its Busiest Street Car-Free
 » 22 October US Army To Create New “Monuments Men” Unit To Try To Save Artifacts
 » 22 October Liberating Stereotypes Of Indigenous Americans From Children’s Tales
 » 22 October Francisco Obieta's work recognized
 » 21 October Classical music news. Obituary
 » 21 October When the Performance Is Marred by the Phones
 » 21 October The Arts Are Shunning Big Oil. The Salzburg Festival Isn’t.
 » 21 October Activists Crashed The MoMA Party To Demand Prison Divestment
 » 21 October Horror Writers See Climate Change As The Ultimate Fear
 » 21 October Considering The Legacy Of Legendary Ballerina Alicia Alonso
 » 21 October Extinction Rebellion Protesters Cover Their Half-Naked Bodies In Fake Oil In London’s National Portrait Gallery
 » 21 October Fiery Music Critic And Biographer Nick Tosches Has Died At 69
 » 21 October Viet Thanh Nguyen Talks About Writing, Social Movements, And The American Dream
 » 21 October In Europe, TV Producers Debate How To Handle Streaming
 » 21 October The Artistically Fruitful Friendship Of Mary Cassatt And Edgar Degas
 » 21 October Malaysia Is The Latest Country To Ban ‘Abominable’ Over Map Scene
 » 21 October Thousands Of People Stand In Line To See The Revamped MoMA
 » 21 October The Coded Emotional Appeal Of ‘The Matrix’
 » 21 October Can Computers Really Learn How To Understand What They Read?
 » 21 October Who Are The Bots Watching Us (And Our Stories)?
 » 21 October What Are Theatre Reviews For?
 » 21 October Klaus Friedeberger, Abstract Painter Who Found Inspiration In The Australian Outback, Has Died At 97
 » 21 October Freelance Journalists In California Freak Out That New Uber Law Would Apply To Them
 » 21 October Nick Tosches, Fiery Rock Journalist, 69
 » 21 October Reversal: WNYC Decides Not To Cancel “New Sounds”
 » 21 October Glass Blowing Generates Significant Amounts Of Greenhouse Gasses. What To Do?
 » 21 October Economists Make The Case For Studying Humanities
 » 21 October A Star Architect Who Recycles And Rebuilds For Those In Need
 » 21 October Abstract Expressionist Painter Ed Clark Has Died At 93
 » 21 October When Schools Utterly Fail At Sex Education, Fanfiction Fills In The Gaps
 » 21 October Central Park Took Their Land, And Now, At Long Last, They’re Getting A Monument
 » 21 October Theatre’s Front Of House Workers Can Too Easily Get Trapped In Service Roles
 » 21 October Propwatch: The Pig’s Head In Mephisto [A Rhapsody]
 » 20 October Classical music news. Obituary
 » 20 October Review: Christopher Rouse Leaves a Haunting Final Symphony
 » 20 October Review: Susanna Malkki Returns to the New York Philharmonic
 » 20 October The Role of Philanthropy in Advancing Equity in the Arts
 » 20 October Here’s How Anthony McGill Became The First African-American Principal Of The New York Philharmonic
 » 20 October Prolific composer Alvin Singleton talks upcoming work, ‘Black culture’ as ‘American culture’
 » 20 October Saeed Jones on Queer Masculinity and the Point of Being an Artist
 » 20 October Chicago Nonprofit Will Award $900,000 to Artists of Color
 » 20 October This Experimental Latinx Art Space Has Supported the Careers of Hundreds of Artists
 » 20 October A passion for dance and justice
 » 20 October How ‘Roleplay’ Reflected Tulane’s Experiences With Assault
 » 20 October Theater Latté Da Announces Musical Commission Program
 » 20 October How Karamu House Went From Deficit to Durability
 » 20 October Julie Andrews’ Biggest Regret Is Losing Her Singing Voice
 » 20 October Backup Dancers Are Leaping To The Forefront With The Power Of Smart Social Media
 » 20 October Netflix’s U.S. Subscriber Growth Is Slowing As Competitors Ramp Up
 » 20 October The Nobel Literature Committee Defends Itself For Rewarding A Prize To An Accused Genocide Denier
 » 20 October The Short, Dreamy Film That Goes In Search Of David Hockney’s House
 » 20 October Why Is The Kids’ Movie ‘Abominable’ Being Banned In Countries In Asia?
 » 20 October Drawing, Dancing, And Deradicalization
 » 20 October A Lion King Swing, Backstage In London
 » 20 October A 90-Foot Tall Mural Of A Ballet Dancer Is Possibly A Tool To Inspire Others
 » 20 October The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Needs More Than A Plan To Stay Afloat
 » 20 October This Keith Haring Mural Was Cut Out Of A Stairwell, And Now Its Fate Is Uncertain
 » 20 October How To Go Offline (Briefly, For The Sake Of Getting Offline Things Accomplished)
 » 20 October In Canada, It’s A Moment For Indigenous Art – But What About The Artists?
 » 20 October Mark Morris: Without Bullies, How Would I Know I Was A Sissy?
 » 20 October Teens Are Getting Famous Off Of TikTok, And High School Arts Teachers Learn To Adapt
 » 20 October On The Return Of Olive Kitteridge
 » 20 October Russell Thomas is much more than a black tenor. Now, he’s tackling ‘Otello’ and the field’s stereotypes.
 » 20 October The Phoenix Symphony – President & CEO
 » 19 October Classical music news. Martín García García
 » 19 October Classical music news. Obituary
 » 19 October Classical music news. Obituary
 » 19 October Marcello Giordani, Tenor Who ‘Sang Like a God,’ Dies at 56
 » 19 October Goose Gone Wild: A New Video Game Lets You Be An Angry Waterfowl Running Amok
 » 19 October How Do You Reconstruct A 140-Year-Old Ballet? Carefully
 » 19 October Are We Seeing A New Theatre Construction Boom In America?
 » 19 October More Theatres Are Experimenting With Different Performance Times
 » 19 October The Radical Personal Life Of Johann Sebastian Bach
 » 19 October The “Slow Fire” That’s Destroying Our Books
 » 19 October Architecture Critic And Historian Charles Jencks, 80
 » 19 October Fans Protest WNYC Cancellation Of “New Sounds”
 » 19 October Julia Wolfe awarded ‘Genius Grant’
 » 18 October Classical music news. Rich with Music and Human Kindness
 » 18 October A Swiss Orchestra Dances Beyond the Boundaries of Classical Music
 » 18 October Priced Out of Classical Music? Try Concerts for $8.33
 » 18 October The twenty-five record albums that changed my life (3)
 » 18 October The twenty-five record albums that changed my life (2)
 » 18 October Alicia Alonso, Cuba’s (Very) Long-Reigning Doyenne Of Ballet, Dead At 98
 » 18 October Oldest Known ‘Last Supper’ Painted By A Woman On Public View After 450 Years
 » 18 October Why Orchestras Giving Free Concerts Is A Very Bad Idea
 » 18 October How Theatres Can Strengthen Themselves For The Next Great Recession
 » 18 October Sean Dorsey Has Blazed A Trail For Trans Dance Artists
 » 18 October Dallas Placed 149th Among U.S. Cities On The Arts Vibrancy Index. Here’s How One Organization Is Trying To Change That
 » 18 October Epistolary Memoir, An Old Genre Having A New Heyday
 » 18 October Do We Need Critics For Cities?
 » 18 October The Real Problem With Cancel Culture
 » 18 October John Schaefer: Why We Still Need Music Curators
 » 18 October American Theatre’s New Hot Topic: Recovery And Sobriety
 » 18 October Watch: Elijah Cummings Speaking To The League Of American Orchestras In 2016
 » 18 October There’s A New Dark Horse Contender For Best Ballet Company In South America
 » 18 October Why That Picture Of Nancy Pelosi Standing Up To Trump Has Become Iconic Art
 » 18 October A Classical Duo ‘Nerding Out’ on the Cosmos
 » 18 October 6 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 18 October 36 Pieces Of Computer Code That Changed The World
 » 18 October South Korea Wonders: Is Video Gaming A Mental Health Disorder?
 » 18 October Librarians Protest Publishers’ Plan To Limit Their Access To E-Books
 » 18 October Nobel’s Literature Prize Debacle Exposes Fault Lines Between Art, Politics
 » 18 October How Different Languages Describe Color
 » 18 October Why Are Instagram Experiences Referred To As “Museums”
 » 18 October James Wood: Harold Bloom’s “Anxiety Of Influence”
 » 18 October Los Angeles Ballet seeks Administrative Director
 » 18 October Los Angeles Ballet seeks Controller
 » 18 October Ellen Reid receives Pulitzer Prize
 » 18 October James Horner Composition Endowed Scholarship established
 » 18 October Austrian State Prize for Thomas Larcher
 » 18 October Gaudeamus Award 2019 to Kelley Sheehan
 » 17 October Classical music news. Obituary
 » 17 October Ojai Feels the Aftershock of Los Angeles Philharmonic Upheaval
 » 17 October Gramophone’s Recording Of The Year Is Bertrand Chamayou’s Saint-Saëns Piano Concertos; Jaap Van Zweden’s Other Band Is Orchestra Of The Year
 » 17 October ‘Salvator Mundi’ Probably Won’t Be At The Louvre’s Leonardo Retrospective — And There May Be A Good Reason For That
 » 17 October Leonardo’s ‘Vitruvian Man’ Will Be Going To The Louvre’s Exhibition After All
 » 17 October Panama Papers Law Firm Sues Netflix For Defamation Over ‘The Laundromat’
 » 17 October So What Exactly *Is* The Interrogation Method At Issue In The Ava DuVernay/Netflix Lawsuit?
 » 17 October 20 Ancient Egyptian Coffins, Intact And Sealed, Found Near Luxor
 » 17 October An Amazon.Com For Choreography?
 » 17 October Activists Want The Oscars, Emmys And Tonys To Give Up Gendered Acting Categories. That Isn’t Happening. (Yet.)
 » 17 October Is Democracy For Sale? Sure Is
 » 17 October Stefan Edlis, Leading Chicago Art Collector, Dead At 94
 » 17 October A Caravaggio Was Stolen From A Sicilian Church 50 Years Ago. Is Time Running Out To Find It?
 » 17 October After 25 Years, Artistic Director Of New York’s Playwrights Horizons Is Moving On
 » 17 October National Ballet Of Canada Posts Its Tenth Season In A Row Of Budget Surpluses
 » 17 October American English Preserves Old Grammar That British English Has Dropped
 » 17 October Ara Guzelimian To be New Artistic Director Of The Ojai Festival
 » 17 October Joan Tower elected Composer of the Year
 » 17 October Morphing ‘Swan Lake’ Into A Modern Irish Folk Tale
 » 17 October The LA Architects Taking The Cultural Buildings World By Storm
 » 17 October Trying To Cope With Crowds, Louvre Creates The VR Mona Lisa Experience
 » 17 October Pinterest’s Audience Algorithm Is Awesome. Now It Has To Change
 » 17 October Cambridge University Loans Art To Its Students. In 60 Years None Of It Has Been Damaged
 » 17 October Barcelona Dance Group Traveling To LA, Stopped, Deported, Even Though They Had Visas
 » 17 October The Inimitable Mr. Bloom (Last Of His Kind?)
 » 16 October Classical music news. The Prometheus Revolution
 » 16 October The twenty-five record albums that changed my life (1)
 » 16 October Mission Creep??!!
 » 16 October What English National Opera Really Needs From Its New Boss: Bankers
 » 16 October Five Women Sentenced For Plot To Blow Up Notre-Dame De Paris
 » 16 October In ‘Snatch-And-Run’, Salvador Dalí Etching Stolen From San Francisco Gallery
 » 16 October Longtime San Francisco Chronicle Music And Dance Critic Marilyn Tucker Dead At 89
 » 16 October Number Of Self-Published Books In U.S. Up By At Least 40% In One Year (And Probably Much More)
 » 16 October How Apple Made Its Move Into TV Production
 » 16 October Why We Define Ourselves By What We Own
 » 16 October There’s Doublethink At The Heart Of Arts Awards, And This Year’s Double Booker Prize Brought It To The Surface
 » 16 October Instagram Removes “Likes” – We Need Another Way To Value Content
 » 16 October Shape-Shifting Screens: How Filmmakers Are Playing With Aspect Ratios
 » 16 October The Complicated, Contradictory Genius Of Thomas Edison
 » 16 October The Rehabilitation Of Marie Antoinette
 » 16 October Band-Aids And Sticking Plasters: UK Government Promise Of More Culture Investment In Perspective
 » 16 October The Opera That Reimagined The Last Habsburg Emperor And Empress For The Shattered Europe Of 1919
 » 16 October What The Wild Success Of Silicon Valley Says About The American Success Story
 » 16 October How To Pick The Best Seat In The House To Hear An Orchestra
 » 16 October Australian Booksellers Take Ronan Farrow Book Off Shelves After Pressure From National Enquirer Parent Company
 » 16 October Netflix Heads To Frankfurt Book Fair On Book-Buying Spree
 » 16 October Canadian Choir Performs On Both Sides Of US/Mexico Border
 » 16 October If At First You Don’t Succeed… Nobel Winners Who Faced Early Rejection
 » 16 October Interlochen Center for the Arts – Director, Music Division
 » 15 October The Philharmonic Takes on a Composer of Puzzles and Turns
 » 15 October Musician John Cohen Of New Lost City Ramblers Dead At 87
 » 15 October San Antonio Gets Its First Contemporary Art Museum, Thanks To A Hot-Sauce Heiress
 » 15 October Harold Bloom, Bestselling And Controversial Literary Critic, Dead At 89
 » 15 October Museums Are Finally Paying Real Attention To The Needs Of Visitors With Disabilities
 » 15 October World’s Biggest Movie-Theater Chain Moves Into Streaming Video
 » 15 October ‘My Actual Goal Is To Be The Anthony Bourdain Of Theatre’: Helen Shaw, New York Magazine’s New Critic
 » 15 October Netflix And Director Ava DuVernay Sued For Defamation By — Wait, Who?
 » 15 October Who Stole Ancient Bible Fragments And Sold Them To Hobby Lobby?
 » 15 October A Prison Production Of ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ Goes On Tour
 » 15 October Why Two Booker Prize Winners This Year? Perhaps Some Lessons
 » 15 October A Dance Critic Assesses Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’ Moves
 » 15 October Pacido Domingo’s Career Continues Apace In Europe
 » 15 October Jane Austen Lovers Are Furious At The New Ending To Her Unfinished Novel
 » 15 October What The Collapse Of A Plan For A Contemporary Art Museum Says About Art In Hawaii
 » 15 October Hervé Birolini receives QuattroPole Music Prize
 » 15 October Books that made me
 » 15 October Hannah Svensson And Friends
 » 15 October Is Porgy a “Stereotype”? — Take Three
 » 15 October Streaming Wars: Challenging The Binge-TV Model
 » 15 October Should People Have The Legal Right to Change Their Age?
 » 15 October Hong Kong Has A New Protest Song Anthem
 » 15 October Boris Johnson’s Government Proposes £250 Million In Culture Infrastructure Support
 » 15 October MoMA’s Opportunity To Tell New Stories
 » 15 October For First Time In 27 Years, And Despite The Rules, Booker Prize Is Shared By Two Titles
 » 15 October How Curators Took Over Creativity
 » 15 October Administrative Director of Hands are for Holding
 » 15 October Gibney Dance Company Administrative Director
 » 15 October Christie’s
 » 15 October Cristóbal Halffter receives Spanish Music Prize
 » 14 October Classical music news. Obituary
 » 14 October John Giorno, Who Starred In The Andy Warhol Movie ‘Sleep’ And Tried To Move Poetry Off The Page, Has Died At 82
 » 14 October Your Living Room Is The Stage
 » 14 October Britain Bets On The Man Booker Prize Shortlist, And Here Are The Odds
 » 14 October The Hollywood Of Utah
 » 14 October Where Is The Missing Leonardo?
 » 14 October What To Read When You’re Ready To Burn It All Down
 » 14 October Ang Lee Just Can’t Quit His High Frame-Rate Obsession
 » 14 October The Details Reflected In Our Eyes In Smartphone Photos Can Tell Everyone Where We Are, Where We Live, And More
 » 14 October How David Hockney Self-Promoted Himself Into The Art World When He Was Young
 » 14 October Another Book Award Changes Its Name (This One Due To A Murder-Suicide)
 » 14 October How A Group Of Artists Created A ‘Breakout Fall’ For Themselves In Detroit
 » 14 October An Artist Figures Out Why Mathematicians Just Can’t Quit Their Blackboards
 » 14 October Robert Forster, Oscar Nominee For ‘Jackie Brown,’ Has Died At 78
 » 14 October What Does It Mean To Be An Audience, And How Does An Arts Institution ‘Develop’ It?
 » 14 October A Crash Course In Hitler Satire
 » 14 October Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Between High Culture And Low Culture
 » 14 October Are You One Of Those Who Has Strong Feelings About Semi-colons?
 » 14 October Have The Movies Gotten Too Loud?
 » 14 October “Fortnite” Season Ten Ends In Destruction: Video Games (And Storytelling) Will Never Be The Same Again
 » 14 October Dance Company From Barcelona Denied Entry To US For LA Dance Festival
 » 14 October Why Theatre In Los Angeles Is Missing Its Potential
 » 14 October The Nobel Literature Prize Has Lost Its Way
 » 14 October NYC’s Foundry Theatre to Close After 25 Years
 » 14 October 2019 Colour of Music Festival “Petit” Nashville Début Nov. 6-9
 » 14 October Cornel West on the Revolutionary Politics of the Foundry Theatre
 » 14 October Ballet Has Transformed The Lives Of Women In This New Zealand Prison
 » 14 October The Photographer Who Shot New York’s Real Garbage Fires
 » 14 October How Did A Promise For A Less Eurocentric Nobel Prize In Literature Turn Into Two European Winners?
 » 14 October An Historian Says To Be Wary Of Written History
 » 13 October Classical music news. Obituary
 » 13 October Classical music news. 2023 World Symposium of Choral Music
 » 13 October The Internet And Texting Are Changing Language – But Not For The Worse
 » 13 October The New Movie Tech Of Making Will Smith Look Like He’s A Quarter-Century Younger
 » 13 October When A Star Stares Right Back
 » 13 October The Messy, Textural, ‘Suitable For Ladies’ Medium Of Pastel
 » 13 October Students At A U.S. University Burn A Campus Speaker’s Book
 » 13 October The Hong Kong Protesters Are Making Excellent Use Of Instagram-Ready Art
 » 13 October A Slate Of Recent Films Offers New Portrayals Of Asian, Not Tiger, Mothers
 » 13 October Performance Artist Carlos Celdran Has Died In Exile At 46
 » 13 October What’s The Difference Between Self-Confidence And Narcissism?
 » 13 October A Massive Sculpture Of An African American Last Supper Was Hidden Behind Drywall Until A Theatre Moved In
 » 13 October Our Languages Are Dying
 » 13 October The Books That Made Nnedi Okorafor A Writer
 » 13 October WNYC Is Dropping Its ‘New Sounds’ Radio Program After 37 Years
 » 13 October A Matter of Attribution & Legacy
 » 13 October Why Is The Paris Art Scene Roaring Back To Life?
 » 13 October Is ‘Porgy’ A Stereotype? Take Two
 » 13 October How Much Should Family Members Be Able To Edit Memoir?
 » 13 October The Pre-Raphaelite Women Get At Least Part Of Their Due
 » 12 October Parents, Do Not Enroll Your Preschooler In Ballet Class
 » 12 October LA’s Studio Musicians Say Move To Streaming Makes Will Kill The Business
 » 12 October How Artists Are Dealing With Student Debt
 » 12 October Billionaire Francois Pinault’s New $170 Million Paris Museum To Open Next June
 » 12 October A Seattle Theatre’s Existential Question: What’s The Cost Of Survival?
 » 12 October The Politics Of Noise (It’s Everywhere)
 » 12 October Don’t Get It Wrong: AI Is A Tool, Not A Mind
 » 12 October Faculty Job Fair
 » 12 October Ennio Morricone honered by pope
 » 11 October ‘I Wanted To Form An Orchestra Of People Like Me’: An Ensemble For Musicians With Mental Illness
 » 11 October Helen Shaw Is New Theater Critic At New York Magazine And Vulture
 » 11 October Public Radio’s ‘Studio 360’ To Cease Production
 » 11 October Why Peter Handke’s Nobel Prize Has Made Many People Furious
 » 11 October Lost Section Of Oldest Manuscript Of ‘Tale Of Genji’ Discovered
 » 11 October The Piece So Hard Even Barbara Hannigan Couldn’t Sing It
 » 11 October Jeffrey Epstein Gets Dragged Into $200 Million Battle Over Brancusi Sculpture
 » 11 October Coachella’s Desert X Partners With Saudi Arabia (And Three Artist/Board Members Resign In Protest)
 » 11 October The Play That Made Me Understand Why ‘Porgy And Bess’ Can Be Stifling
 » 11 October London’s Creative Industries Are Growing Much Faster Than In The Rest Of The UK
 » 11 October Who’s The Father Of Today’s Black Theater Renaissance? August Wilson? No, It’s Tyler Perry
 » 11 October Hacking The Museum Tour – Entertainment With Attitude
 » 11 October Meet The Eton-Educated, Non-Binary British Iraqi Draq Queen
 » 11 October Why Do People Support Their Orchestra? This Couple Gave Tens Of Millions To The Toronto Symphony
 » 11 October 7 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 11 October Bong Joon-Ho Returns Home From Hollywood And Makes His Masterpiece
 » 11 October Venice Will Begin Charging Admission For Tourists Next July
 » 11 October The New MoMA: More Space, Less Story
 » 11 October What Is A Choreopoem?
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