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Romy the Cat's personal site dedicated to advanced audio and evolved music reproduction techniques Classical Music latest News
 » 25 January Classical music news. Obituary
 » 25 January The Difficulty Of Being A Cultural Ambassador For The US In The Time Of Trump
 » 25 January As Robots Take Over There’s An Opening For People
 » 25 January Research: How New York City’s Arts Work Force Diversity Compares To The Rest Of The City
 » 25 January So Much For The Grammys’ New Era
 » 25 January When Classical Music Was Central
 » 25 January Disruptive Innovation Thinker Clayton Christensen, 67
 » 24 January Review: Gustavo Dudamel Excels, Yet Again, at the New York Philharmonic
 » 24 January Musicians Love the Conductor Kirill Petrenko. It Shows.
 » 24 January PBS News Anchor Jim Lehrer Dead At 85
 » 24 January NEA Releases Results Of Latest Survey Of Public Participation In The Arts
 » 24 January Knopf Names Sonny Mehta’s Successor As Publisher
 » 24 January How A Pair Of English Policemen Helped Jump-Start The Movement To Repatriate The Benin Bronzes
 » 24 January Could The Dirt-Poor Alabama Hamlet Famous For Its Quilts Become An Art Destination Like Marfa?
 » 24 January Opera And Classical Young Artist Programs Are Big Business — For Everyone But The Young Artists
 » 24 January Smart Caption Glasses, A New Way To Make Theatre Accessible To Hearing-Impaired Audiences
 » 24 January Top Galleries Blast Art Basel In Letter Over Hong Kong Fair
 » 24 January Examining The Arguments Over Jeanine Cummins’s ‘American Dirt’
 » 24 January Oregon Bach Festival Announces Three Finalists To Lead It
 » 24 January Saying That Conditions Had Become ‘Impossible’, China’s Last Independent Film Festival Shuts Down
 » 24 January Thomas Campbell’s Challenges At San Francisco’s Fine Arts Museums
 » 24 January What’s The Most Physically Demanding Job In America? According To Insurers, It’s Dancer
 » 24 January The Virtue Of Being Able To Say Hard Things In Print… Have We Lost It?
 » 24 January There’s A Wave Of Forgeries Coming To The Print Market, Warn Art Experts
 » 24 January Classical music news. Music and Spirit: An Unconference
 » 24 January 6 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 24 January How Ice-T was a mensch
 » 24 January One Of The Last Full-Length Interviews Of Monty Python’s Terry Jones
 » 24 January A New Museum That’s Betting You’ll Pay For A More “Experience” Experience
 » 24 January Stories Are An Oral Tradition. They Work Differently When You Don’t Hear Them
 » 24 January An Extraordinary Boots-On-The-Ground Arts Philanthropist In Atlanta
 » 24 January Klimt Thief: “We Have Given A Gift To The City”
 » 24 January Smithsonian To Send Popular Obama Portraits On A National Tour
 » 24 January Does Russia’s New Minister Of Culture Hate Culture?
 » 23 January Review: The Philharmonic and a Conductor Get Reacquainted
 » 23 January The Making of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ Was as Far Out as the Movie
 » 23 January Sasha Waltz And Johannes Öhman To Leave Staatsballett Berlin
 » 23 January Detroit Symphony Chooses Its Next Music Director (It Was Love At First Sight)
 » 23 January How Rotten Tomatoes Actually Works
 » 23 January One Of New York’s Most Storied Experimental Venues Is Letting Artists Run It For A Year
 » 23 January Charlotte Symphony Orchestra seeks President & CEO
 » 23 January Applications now open for an exciting MA Directing degree in Prague!
 » 23 January Italy’s Carabinieri Art Squad, Catching Thieves, Looters, And Traffickers For 50 Years
 » 23 January How Two Belgian Avant-Gardists Rebuilt ‘West Side Story’ From Top To Bottom
 » 23 January Gypsy Rose Lee’s Son Remembers Life On The Road With Mother
 » 23 January The Case Of The Non-Review Book Review And What It Says About Us
 » 23 January What Professional Book Critics Think About Amateur Reviewers And Academics
 » 23 January Survival Of The Fittest? Turns Out Collaboration Might Be More Important
 » 23 January Were Egyptian Hieroglyphs Basically Ancient Emoji?
 » 23 January Frank Gehry And His Favorite Buildings, And How He Thinks About Buildings
 » 23 January I Began Studying Ballet At Age 62
 » 23 January Our Conception Of Time As A Process Has Evolved
 » 23 January 6 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 23 January The Man Behind the Boston Symphony’s Quiet Success Will Retire
 » 23 January Recent Listening In Brief: Yelena Eckemoff
 » 23 January Shows That Won’t Let You Back In If You Leave Make It Hard For Physically Challenged People
 » 23 January San Jose Opera’s New Direction
 » 23 January How Self-Help Books Have Influenced Literature
 » 23 January Remembering Fellini On His 100th Birthday
 » 23 January For The First Time Netflix Reveals How Many Watched “The Queen”
 » 23 January Longtime Boston Symphony CEO Mark Volpe Announces Retirement
 » 22 January Garth Greenwell Comes Clean
 » 22 January The Detroit Symphony Needed a Fill-In. It Found a Music Director.
 » 22 January Allan Bloom, Identity Politics, and “Closed Minds”
 » 22 January Beware Arrogance
 » 22 January Feds Reject Ancient Rock Art Sites In Utah For National Register Of Historic Places
 » 22 January ‘Indiana Jones Of Art World’ Locates Stolen 15th-Century Persian Manuscript Worth €1 Million
 » 22 January Why There’s A Campaign To Boo Ballet Star Amar Ramasar In Broadway’s ‘West Side Story’
 » 22 January Case Of Ousted Recording Academy CEO Gets Uglier As Each Sides’ Explosive Allegations Mount
 » 22 January Why, Exactly, Is The Paris Opera Ballet On Strike? Here’s An Explainer
 » 22 January Restaurant Noise Is Good! Says The New York Times’ Restaurant Critic
 » 22 January Terry Jones Of ‘Monty Python’ Dead At 77
 » 22 January Enrollment In Art History Programs Down 28 Percent In UK
 » 22 January The State Of Gay Art In Beijing: Delicate And Discreet
 » 22 January Why Do We Fetishize Books As Physical Objects?
 » 22 January Nancy Pelosi Said That ‘America Will Heal Through The Arts.’ Don’t We Wish …
 » 22 January Social Media Influencers Are Changing The Face Of Dance
 » 22 January The Man Who Invented The Laser Printer, Gary Starkweather, Dead At 81
 » 22 January When Your Body Art Gets In The Way Of Life… Take It Off
 » 22 January New Crop Of Plays Treats History Of Blacks In Britain
 » 22 January The Quicksand Of Cultural Politics In Russia: The Case Of Kirill Serebrennikov
 » 22 January The Fatal Flaws Of Roger Scruton
 » 22 January Study Shows Women Making Small Parity Gains In Grammys
 » 22 January The Very Controversial Start Of Asian-American Literature Studies
 » 22 January How Margaret Mead’s Reputation Eroded
 » 22 January Netflix Greenlights Bradley Cooper’s Leonard Bernstein Movie With All-Star Producers
 » 22 January Can Hip Hop Dance Show Hold A Whole Evening Off-Broadway?
 » 22 January Call for Applications to Parrsboro International Plein Air Festival 2020
 » 21 January Brazil’s Culture Secretary Fired After Quoting Goebbels In Video Speech
 » 21 January Van Gogh’s Weirdest Self-Portrait, Long Considered By Some A Forgery, Is Genuine
 » 21 January Special Multi-Company Auditions Offer Too-Rare Opportunity For Nonwhite Ballet Dancers
 » 21 January The Social Justice Wars Come To The Quilting Community
 » 21 January This Woman Was One Of The Very First Pioneers Of Cinema — Why Has She Been Almost Forgotten?
 » 21 January They’re Building A Pushkin Theme Park In St. Petersburg
 » 21 January Linda Shaver-Gleason, The Internet’s Favorite Musicologist, ‘Assassinated By Cancer’ At 36
 » 21 January Artificial Intelligence Is About To Transform Video
 » 21 January Keeping Indonesia’s Traditional Drag Dance Alive
 » 21 January What Is Going On In Gwyneth Paltrow’s Netflix Show?
 » 21 January How The Franco Regime Ruined Zarzuela And Flamenco Music For Many Spaniards
 » 21 January What Has Happened To Audiences? Have They Forgotten How To Behave In Theatres?
 » 21 January The Hot-Button Issue In ‘Slave Play’ That People Aren’t Talking About
 » 21 January Controversial Art Is Good For Us. Don’t Cancel It
 » 21 January A dip into Mexico City street music and avant-garde
 » 21 January Not just subconscious, but DNA deep
 » 21 January Podcasts are Wildly Popular Right Now. Do We Care If They’re Accurate?
 » 21 January Small Talk And The Jockeying For Status
 » 21 January Alan Turing And The Shaping Of Artificial Intelligence
 » 21 January Tony Hall To Step Down From Running The BBC At Critical Moment
 » 21 January Study: Pop Culture And Nature Seem To Evolve At The Same Rate
 » 21 January Computer Can Tell It’s You By The Way You Dance
 » 20 January Movie Theatres With Shaking Seats Are Gimmicky – And Also A Good Education In Filmmaking
 » 20 January To Research How To Make A Better Museum, Ask Kids
 » 20 January Edith Kunhardt Davis, Author Of ‘Pat The Bunny’ Sequels, Has Died At 82
 » 20 January All Of The Winners Of The SAG Awards
 » 20 January Did Streaming (Or Millennials) Kill The Music Chart?
 » 20 January Vladimir Ashkenazy Retires Suddenly
 » 20 January An Israeli Museum Cancelled An Artist’s Talk Because He Identifies As Palestinian
 » 20 January This Author Says This Moment Isn’t As New As We Like To Think
 » 20 January Singer-Songwriter David Olney Says ‘I’m Sorry,’ Closes His Eyes, Drops His Head, And Dies Onstage
 » 20 January The European Union Is Considering Banning Facial Recognition Technology For Five Years
 » 20 January Not Telling The Same Old Story Again And Again And Again And Again And Again
 » 20 January When The Washington Post Talked About The Top Book Trends Of The Last Decade, They Went Kinda Easy On A Big (Sometimes Bad) Player
 » 20 January Wait, ‘1917,’ It Might Be The Year Of ‘Parasite’
 » 20 January At Sundance This Year, One-Fourth Of The Documentaries Come From A New Company
 » 20 January How Did The Grammys Go From ‘Step Up’ To This CEO Implosion?
 » 20 January Jazz Saxophonist Jimmy Heath, 93
 » 20 January A Group Of Musicians Relocate To A Failing Town To Create A New Culture. Townspeople Resist
 » 20 January National Archives Blurs Anti-Trump Protest Signs Of 2017 Women’s March In Exhibition
 » 20 January Reconsidering Alan Bloom’s “Closed Minds”
 » 20 January How Ubiquitous Public Surveillance Is Changing Our Understanding Of Human Behavior
 » 20 January Canada’s “Prairie Castles” Are Disappearing
 » 20 January Is Amazon About To Take Over The Bestseller Book Business?
 » 20 January The Quality Versus Opportunity Debate – A Predictable Oscars Ritual
 » 20 January This Austrian Village, Overrun By ‘Frozen’ Tourists, Wants Them To Go To The Salt Mines
 » 20 January We’re Losing Any Sense Of Place Because Now Everywhere Feels The Same
 » 20 January Life As A Young, Award-Winning Cellist
 » 19 January Classical music news. Obituary
 » 19 January Protesters Shut Down The Louvre
 » 19 January Peter Larkin, Broadway Designer And Creator Of The Parliament-Funkadelic Mothership, Has Died At 93
 » 19 January The National Archives Blurred A Historic, And Historical, Photograph Of The Women’s March To Blur Anti-Trump Signs
 » 19 January Hollywood Preps For A Writers’ Strike, But The Landscape Has Dramatically Changed Since The Last One
 » 19 January Why Did The Public Shut Down A Climate Activist’s Play Early?
 » 19 January Writing About War, But, You Know, With Women
 » 19 January Norma Tanega, Whose Hit Single Was Covered By Nearly Everyone, Has Died At 80
 » 19 January Stephen King’s Twitter Comment About The Oscars Gets At One Of The Academy’s Deepest Problems
 » 19 January Spanish Billionaire Fined $58 Million, Sent To Jail For Trying To Smuggle A Picasso Out Of Spain To Auction
 » 19 January Hank Azaria Says He Will Stop Voicing Apu On The Simpsons
 » 19 January Though They’re ‘Chronically Underfunded,’ Libraries Are Vital Parts Of Their Communities
 » 19 January After Producers Guild Win, Looks Like ‘1917’ Is Becoming An Oscar Fave
 » 19 January Portraits Of Its People Rattle Some In A Georgia Town
 » 19 January What Did Happiness Used To Look Like?
 » 19 January A Royal Ballet Dancer Says It’s On Dancers (And Companies) To Make Sure Ballet Doesn’t Look Elitist
 » 19 January What A ‘Narrative Performance’ Is – And What It Can Do For An Audience
 » 19 January Barry Tuckwell, French Horn Virtuoso, Is Dead at 88
 » 18 January Monhegan Island Watercolor Workshop
 » 18 January MoMA & the Nouvel Kid on the Block: Revenge of American Folk Art Museum’s Demolished Building?
 » 18 January Fifty Black Dance Companies Are Converging On Philadelphia This Weekend
 » 18 January Saving Face: China’s New Surveillance System Upends A Moral Order
 » 18 January Today’s Theme Parks Are More Immersive, Interactive
 » 18 January Klimt Painting Stolen 23 Years Ago Found In Wall Of Museum
 » 18 January Disney Drops “Fox” From 20th Century Fox Name
 » 18 January TikTok Is Killing The Radio Song-writer
 » 17 January Juilliard Celebrates 32 Female Composers of the 20th Century
 » 17 January Why Don’t Audiences Know More About Composer Mark Walker’s Music?
 » 17 January Barry Tuckwell, Perhaps The World’s Most Prominent French Horn Player, Dead At 88
 » 17 January Maryland Governor Blocks Legislature’s $1.6 Million Grant To Baltimore Symphony (Again)
 » 17 January Just Days Before Grammy Awards, Recording Academy’s New CEO Suspended
 » 17 January Christopher Tolkien, JRR’s Son And Collaborator, Dead At 95
 » 17 January Large Incan Idol That Pizarro Claimed He Destroyed Has Survived
 » 17 January So What Is This ‘Festival Of Brexit’ Going To Be, Anyway? Here’s What Its Director Says
 » 17 January UK Funding Cuts Are Hurting Organizations’ Basic Operations, Warns Arts Council
 » 17 January 100-Year-Old Bookstore With No Customers Sends Mournful Tweet And Customers Respond
 » 17 January These Musicians Moved To A Dying Village, Hoping To Revive It. They Got Caught In The Culture Wars Instead.
 » 17 January James Wood: Technique Versus Effect In Literary Criticism
 » 17 January Nobel Committee Fought Tooth And Nail Over Whether To Give Prize To Samuel Beckett
 » 17 January Hysterical Critics, Public Writing, And Making Sense Of Things
 » 17 January Hollywood Is Turning To AI To Decide What Movies To Make
 » 17 January Artists Add Value? Here’s a List Of Practical Ways During The Australian Fires
 » 17 January 6 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 17 January How To Save The Oscars From The Academy
 » 17 January Hollywood Talent Agencies Face Uncertain Times
 » 17 January Study: It Takes Decades (4), But Liberal Arts College Degree Pays Off
 » 17 January Alan Gilbert Appointed Director Of The Royal Swedish Opera
 » 17 January Want A Job? Increasingly You’ll Have To Get By The AI Algorithms First
 » 17 January Missouri Debates Jailing Librarians For Lending “Age-Inappropriate” Books
 » 17 January Austrian State Prize for Thomas Larcher
 » 17 January Gaudeamus Award 2019 to Kelley Sheehan
 » 17 January Joan Tower elected Composer of the Year
 » 16 January Yes, We Need (Yet) Another Rachmaninoff Recording
 » 16 January Review: Gustavo Dudamel Jolts the ‘New World’ Symphony to Life
 » 16 January Gustavo Dudamel Renews With Los Angeles Philharmonic Through 2025-26
 » 16 January Carnegie Library’s Ex-Archivist And His Fence Plead Guilty To Stealing And Selling Rare Books
 » 16 January Jewels Stolen From Dresden’s Green Vault Are Turning Up On The Dark Web
 » 16 January San Antonio Arts Presenter Abruptly Shuts Down
 » 16 January Is Boris Johnson Going To Disband Or Downsize UK’s Culture And Media Department?
 » 16 January Public Library Systems Are Beginning To Lend Musical Instruments
 » 16 January Betty Pat Gatliff, Who Pioneered Practice Of Forensic Sculpture, Dead At 89
 » 16 January Bird Killers – Our Glass Buildings
 » 16 January Audible And Publishers Settle Lawsuit Over Captioning
 » 16 January Putin Enlists Major Cultural Leaders To Rewrite Russian Constitution
 » 16 January Podcasts Are Getting Book-Group-Like Fan Clubs — And, Like Book Groups, They’re About More Than Just The Material
 » 16 January Idea Factory: What Makes Malcolm Gladwell Tick
 » 16 January Choreographer Gregory Maqoma Turns Traditional South African Movement Into Contemporary Western Concert Dance
 » 16 January The Very Complicated Culture Of Reviewing Books
 » 16 January When Neurodiverse Actors Make A Play Better
 » 16 January Chilly Gonzales - Solo Piano II
 » 16 January Ernest Bloch - Voice in the Wilderness, Schelomo, From Jewish Life; Kol Nidrei (cello: Natalie Clein; BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra; conductor: Ilan Volkov)
 » 16 January Josef Suk - Prague / A Summer’s Tale (BBC Symphony Orchestra; conductor: Jirí Belohlávek)
 » 16 January Hector Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique (Scottish Chamber Orchestra; conductor: Robin Ticciati)
 » 16 January Carl Nielsen - Symphonies Nos. 2 & 3 (New York Philharmonic; conductor: Alan Gilbert)
 » 16 January Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - La Finta Giardiniera (Freiburger Barockorchester; Rene Jacobs)
 » 16 January Johann Sebastian Bach - Harpsichord Concertos (Retrospect Ensemble; harpsichord/director: Matthew Halls)
 » 16 January Felix Mendelssohn - Violin Concertos / The Hebrides (violin: Alina Ibragimova; Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment; conductor: Vladimir Jurowski)
 » 16 January Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Piano Concertos Nos. 9 & 21 (feat. piano: Mitsuko Uchida; The Cleveland Orchestra)
 » 16 January Ludwig van Beethoven - The Beethoven Journey: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 3 (feat. piano: Leif Ove Andsnes; Mahler Chamber Orchestra)
 » 16 January Leonardo Vinci - Artaserse (Philippe Jaroussky; Max Emanuel Cencic; Coro della Radiotelevisione svizzera; Concerto Koln; conductor: Diego Fasolis)
 » 16 January Nils Frahm - Screws
 » 16 January Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Don Giovanni (Ildebrando D'Arcangelo; Mahler Chamber Orchestra; conductor: Yannick Nezet-Seguin)
 » 16 January Johann Sebastian Bach - Das Wohltemperierte Clavier (Books I and II) (feat. piano: András Schiff)
 » 16 January Johann Sebastian Bach - Cantatas vol. 51 (Bach Collegium Japan; conductor: Masaaki Suzuki)
 » 16 January Benjamin Britten - The Rape of Lucretia (conductor: Oliver Knussen; Aldeburgh Festival Ensemble)
 » 16 January Franz Schubert - Schubert Edition Vol. 7: Erlkönig (baritone: Matthias Goerne; piano: Andreas Haefliger)
 » 16 January Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky - Pictures, Sarcasms & Visions (feat. piano: Steven Osborne)
 » 16 January Giovanni Battista Pergolesi - Septem verba a Christo (Sophie Karthaüser, Christophe Dumaux, Julien Behr, Konstantin Wolff, Academie für Alte Musik Berlin/Rene Jacobs)
 » 16 January Ludwig van Beethoven - Violin Sonatas (violin: Leonidas Kavakos, piano: Enrico Pace)
 » 16 January 5 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 16 January Slideshare Has Become A Major Repository For Pirated Books
 » 16 January Board Games Are Thriving
 » 16 January Happiness Index: Why It’s So Difficult To Tell
 » 16 January Dance Theatre Of Harlem Gets Its Biggest-Ever Gift, Will Expand Company
 » 16 January “Jeopardy” Now Has Its All-Time Champ. But Why Did It Need One?
 » 16 January Share Our Passion For The Arts!
 » 16 January Novello Award for Erika Fox and Anna Meredith
 » 15 January Classical music news. January 2020 Newsletter
 » 15 January Classical music news. Obituary
 » 15 January Peter Schreier, 84, Elegant German Tenor Who Also Conducted, Dies
 » 15 January Gustavo Dudamel Extends Contract With Los Angeles Philharmonic
 » 15 January New Year’s Manifesto
 » 15 January LA Philharmonic Extends Dudamel Contract Through 2026
 » 15 January Houston Is Nearly 50% Hispanic. Why Doesn’t The City Have A Major Hispanic Cultural Center?
 » 15 January Baltimore Symphony Can Switch Out Of Survival Mode Thanks To New Cash Gifts
 » 15 January Pina Bausch Invented Her ‘Tanztheater’ With This Piece In 1977. Now Her Company Is Reviving It For The First Time In 25 Years
 » 15 January Why Wasn’t ‘Goodnight Moon’ One Of The Ten Most Circulated Books At The New York Public Library? One Reason
 » 15 January Why Do The ‘Star Wars’ Films Keep Bombing In The World’s Second-Biggest Movie Market?
 » 15 January Bollywood’s Female Stars Speak Out In Support Of Protesters As Male Stars Keep Mum
 » 15 January Nancy Lewis, Who Brought Monty Python To America, Dead At 76
 » 15 January New Music Education Prize Awards $1.75 Million
 » 15 January After Losing Parts Of Three Fingers, Pianist Is Back At The Keyboard
 » 15 January How Are We Deciding Which Movies Are Actually Any Good?
 » 15 January ‘Reality Is The Better Writer’: Why Gabriel García Márquez’s Journalism Is Even More Important Than His Fiction
 » 15 January Holographic Artists? Yes, And There’s More
 » 15 January Intimacy Coordinators Are Making Sex Scenes Sexier As Well As Safer
 » 15 January Book Print Sales Were Down 1.3 Percent In 2019
 » 15 January When Piet Mondrian Painted Landscapes
 » 15 January Failures of imagination
 » 15 January This Writer May Have Been Russia’s Harriet Beecher Stowe
 » 15 January The Most Popular (And Powerful) Word In The English Language
 » 15 January The Future Of Entertainment: 10-Minute Shows On Your Phone?
 » 15 January Dance Protests In France Over When Dancers Can Collect Their Pensions
 » 15 January Netflix Isn’t Disrupting Diversity (Or Oscar)
 » 15 January Regal, AMC Theatre Chains Say They Won’t Show Netflix Oscar-Nominated Movies
 » 15 January Why Shouldn’t We Get To Choose How We Die? (And In What Style)
 » 14 January A Story About Zoot And Hawk
 » 14 January News Reports Of Joshua Helmer’s Behavior ‘Barely Scratched The Surface’, Say Philadelphia Museum Of Art Staffers
 » 14 January Director Ousted At Erie Art Museum Following High-Profile Reports Of Sexual Harassment
 » 14 January Sampling Every Sound A Stradivarius Can Make
 » 14 January Could The Walls Of Notre-Dame Cathedral Really Collapse? Yes, It’s Quite Possible
 » 14 January Notre Dame Cathedral’s Roof, Destroyed By Fire, Should Be Rebuilt In Wood, Says Top French Architect
 » 14 January Ballet BC Names Emily Molnar’s Successor As Artistic Director
 » 14 January Five Years After Charlie Hebdo Shootings, France Plans Center For Satirical Cartoons
 » 14 January Time’s Up Creates Database Of Diverse Critics
 » 14 January Filmmaker Ivan Passer Dead at 86
 » 14 January Extreme Film Criticism (Can You Hang?)
 » 14 January Broadway Sets Another Attendance Record; Nonwhite And International Audiences Growing
 » 14 January Reconsidering Cole Porter
 » 14 January How Esther Perel Turns Couples Therapy Sessions Into Podcasts
 » 14 January Is This The Earliest Drawing Of Venice?
 » 14 January China’s Movie Box Office Just Set New Records. But Things Are Cooling
 » 14 January Is Fiction Lying?
 » 14 January Critic Roger Scruton, 75
 » 14 January Is Our Theatre Training System Broken?
 » 14 January Americans Spent $25 Billion On Home Entertainment Last Year
 » 14 January New Jersey Symphony Orchestra seeks Chief Financial Officer
 » 14 January Do You Want More Audiences and Donors? 2 Arts Marketing, Development & Ticketing Conferences to Choose From!
 » 13 January The Victor Klemperer Case – How Political Language Shapes What Happens
 » 13 January Pharoah Sanders On Finding Your Own Sound
 » 13 January LA Chamber Orchestra Names A New Executive Director
 » 13 January America’s Textbooks: Same History, Different Stories
 » 13 January The Year Of The Pronoun
 » 13 January How “Little Women” Was Choreographed
 » 13 January The Intimate Photographs That Captured Merce Cunningham
 » 13 January This Year’s Oscar Nominees – What The List Looks Like
 » 13 January Apocalypse Now: Literature Studies Are Going Away
 » 13 January Ross Douthat: Lit Studies And A Crisis Of Confidence
 » 13 January Five Ways Music Changed In The 2010s
 » 13 January Étude Arts seeks Managerial Assistant/Contract Manager
 » 13 January These Are The Ten Most-Borrowed Books At The New York Public Library
 » 13 January Open Call: Historians Needed For Today’s Debates On Current Affairs
 » 13 January Here Is Some Of The Art That Entered Public Domain Last Week
 » 13 January New Generation Of Music Copyright Lawsuits Is Having A Chilling Effect
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