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 » 1 April Hellmut Stern, 91, Dies; Violinist Returned to Germany After Fleeing
 » 1 April A Slice of Life in Lockdown
 » 1 April Strategic Planning and Muddling Through
 » 1 April Hilary Teachout, R.I.P.
 » 1 April Edward Tarr, Master Of Trumpets New And Old And Of Their History, Dead At 83
 » 1 April The Role Of Homes In Shaping Writers
 » 1 April Is Smell Our Most Powerful Sense?
 » 1 April How Public Libraries Are Adapting To The Virus
 » 1 April What’s Missing While Looking At Art Online
 » 1 April Classical Music Activity Explodes Online As Shutdown Closes Stages
 » 1 April Is COVID A Wakeup Call?
 » 1 April Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival Canceled For First Time Ever
 » 31 March The Coronavirus Hasn’t Slowed Classical Music
 » 31 March Reason to believe
 » 31 March Dick Titterington’s New Trio Album
 » 31 March COVID Casualty: Celebrity Culture?
 » 31 March Aldeburgh Festival Is Called Off For First Time In Its History
 » 31 March Met Museum Will Provide Another Month’s Pay To Laid-Off Staff
 » 31 March Judy Drucker, For Decades South Florida’s Leading Classical Music Impresario, Dead At 91
 » 31 March Center Theatre Group In L.A. Furloughs Half Its Workers And Suspends All Shows
 » 31 March China Orders Reopened Cinemas To Close Again
 » 31 March Public Service Or Piracy? Authors Battle Internet Archive Over ‘National Emergency Library’
 » 31 March Michael Sorkin, Who Fought For Social Justice Concerns In Architecture, Dead Of Coronavirus At 71
 » 31 March Arts Council England Acts Quickly On Funding, But The Price Will Come Later
 » 31 March No, We Are Not All Edward Hopper Paintings Now
 » 31 March ‘We Are All Edward Hopper Paintings Now’
 » 31 March How Charity Fraud Led To Harvey Weinstein’s Downfall
 » 31 March How One Off-Broadway Is Able To Close For Three Months But Still Pay Everyone
 » 31 March Critical Thinking About Indigenous Art
 » 31 March Dancer In The Dark: Did Intensive Study Of Butoh Drive A Young American Woman To Suicide?
 » 31 March There’s An App For That: Be A Pop Star
 » 31 March Edward Tarr, Renowned Trumpeter Who Delved Into Past, Dies at 83
 » 31 March Awareness: Our Digital Selves Are Our Real Selves
 » 31 March We Can Rebuild, But Why?
 » 31 March Placido Domingo Hospitalized In Mexico With COVID
 » 31 March How A Magazine Of Debate Influenced Our Culture
 » 30 March Classical music news. Obituary
 » 30 March One Art Form That Can Survive The Pandemic: Radio Productions
 » 30 March Arts Critics Reflect On Their Lives Before Social Isolation
 » 30 March When Your Book About Getting Through Hard Times Comes Out In The Middle Of A Pandemic
 » 30 March Is This A Craft Renaissance?
 » 30 March The Producers Of Dystopian Fiction Are Thinking Again
 » 30 March Sarasota Ballet Will Support Its Dancers Through The Original End Of The Season
 » 30 March How Can Visual Artists Survive?
 » 30 March In Europe, Cinema Production Has Been Thrown Into Utter Crisis
 » 30 March Cal Shakes Cancels Its 2020 Season
 » 30 March Can Community Radio Survive With Its Unique Sound Intact?
 » 30 March As The UK Public Saw What Was Coming, Book Buying Soared
 » 30 March Who Gets The Credit – And Money – For An Artist’s Quick Rise?
 » 30 March A Choir Practice That Turned Deadly
 » 30 March Memes Belong In Museums
 » 30 March Why We Should Bail Out Classical Music
 » 30 March Thieves Steal Van Gogh From Museum Closed Because Of Virus
 » 30 March The Best Sketch Comedian Online Now
 » 30 March Musician Sues Pension Fund For Risky Investments And Wins $28 Million Settlement
 » 30 March Vital Film Hub Shuts Down With Layoffs At Film At Lincoln Center
 » 30 March Jennifer Schantz Is New Director Of The NY Public Library’s Performing Arts Collection
 » 30 March Composer And Conductor Krzysztof Penderecki Has Died At 86
 » 30 March Apparently, Everyone Wants To Read Camus Right Now
 » 30 March Zoom Isn’t Sending As Much Of Your Personal Data To Facebook Anymore
 » 29 March Krzysztof Penderecki, Polish Composer With Cinematic Flair, Dies at 86
 » 29 March The National Symphony Orchestra Lays Off All 96 Musicians With A One-Week Notice
 » 29 March The University Of Michigan Finally Fires Opera Singer David Daniels Over Sexual Misconduct
 » 29 March Despite Attempts To Negotiate Rent Freezes In NY, Landlords Are Trying To Boot Small Galleries
 » 29 March For Commercial Dancers In Los Angeles, All Revenue Streams Are Gone
 » 29 March All The World’s Living Rooms Can Be Stages, With The Right Plays
 » 29 March Actors Are Also Out Of A Job – All Of Their Many Jobs At Once
 » 29 March Theatres Pivoted To Digital As Fast As They Could Before Shutdowns, So What Will Come Of All That Streaming?
 » 29 March Original Cast Recordings To Get You Through The Pandemic
 » 29 March LACMA Demolition Continues Despite Calls For Quarantine
 » 29 March Lucia Bosé, Star Of Films By Buñuel And Antonioni, Has Died At 89
 » 29 March Defiant British Museum Appoints Mary Beard As Trustee
 » 29 March What Happens To This Spring’s Most Anticipated Books?
 » 29 March Hollywood Workers And The Bailout
 » 29 March The Pop And Classical Music Critics Traded Jobs For A Day
 » 29 March Unable To Get To Supplies Or Tools, Art Students Demand Partial Refunds
 » 29 March Mark Blum, Actor Of Stage And Screen, Has Died At 69
 » 29 March Online Buyers For Powell’s Are So Rapacious That Company Recalls 100 Laid-Off Workers
 » 28 March Nightlife Is The Soul Of A City. Now It’s Gone And We Need To Protect It
 » 28 March The Organist Who Kept Britain Company During World War II
 » 28 March Shifting Ground: Are You Ready For A New Discourse For A New World?
 » 28 March What The Literature Of Plague Tells Us
 » 28 March Oregon Shakespeare Festival Lays Off Staff, Cancels Through Labor Day
 » 28 March For Your Weekend Listening, NYT Music Critics Choose Best Recordings Of Each Of Beethoven’s Symphonies
 » 27 March Classical music news - February 2020 Obituaries
 » 27 March The Ultimate Beethoven Symphony Collection
 » 27 March Verbier Festival For 2020 Called Off
 » 27 March Art Basel 2020 Postponed But Not Cancelled
 » 27 March New York City Ballet Cancels All Spring Performances But Will Pay Through End Of Season
 » 27 March Furloughs And Pay Cuts At Cleveland Museum Of Art
 » 27 March Kansas City Symphony Concerts Into May But Will Pay Musicians
 » 27 March Federal Stimulus Bill Includes $75 Million To Stabilize Public Radio And TV
 » 27 March UK’s National Theatre To Start Weekly Webcasts Of Its Most Popular Productions
 » 27 March Songwriters, Self-Employed Musicians To Get Aid In Bailout Bill
 » 27 March Out Of Another Plague And Quarantine Came A Priceless Record Of Pre-Conquest Mexico
 » 27 March The Other Bach: Before He Died, Peter Serkin Labored To Reveal The Genius Of C.P.E.
 » 27 March Jeremy Marre, Whose Documentaries Introduced Britons and Americans To World Music, Dead At 76
 » 27 March Our Home-Isolation Comes With A Sober Realization: This, Actually, Is Who We Are
 » 27 March Next Step In Social Distancing And The Arts: Live Performance For One Audience Member At A Time
 » 27 March Of Arts CEOs Who Are Giving Up Their Salaries
 » 27 March A Ballet School In A Rio Favela
 » 27 March Classical music news. Guido Cantelli
 » 27 March A Pianist’s Final Message: Overlooked Works by a Son of Bach
 » 27 March Conservative NY Times Columnist Remembers His Freewheeling, Sexually Confident, Multiply Married Modernist Painter Grandmother (Who Had Diego Rivera For A Lover)
 » 27 March Of Oedipus And Trump – Some Lessons
 » 27 March A Peripatetic Global Art World Deals With Suddenly Staying In Place
 » 27 March How I Became A Dance Critic
 » 27 March As Broadway Falls Silent, A Virtual Tour Of Theatres
 » 27 March Radio Listenership Soars, Streaming Less So…
 » 27 March While The People Are Away, The Art Inside Plays
 » 27 March Managing Director – Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics
 » 27 March How Do You Teach Performing Arts When You Can’t Be Together?
 » 26 March A Paris Opera Conductor Comes Full Circle
 » 26 March One Work of Dance, Theater and More to Experience This Weekend
 » 26 March Tony Awards Postponed Indefinitely
 » 26 March If You’re Only Going To Teach Us Online, Say Yale MFA Art Students, Refund Our Tuition
 » 26 March L.A. Times Film Critic Kenneth Turan To Step Down After Three Decades
 » 26 March Germany Announces €50 Billion In Aid For Arts And Culture Sector
 » 26 March Scottish Opera Lends Set-Hauling Trucks To Help Supermarket Supply Chains
 » 26 March Buffering … — Why Video Teleconferencing Is Still A Pain In The Wherever
 » 26 March How Do You Run Choir Practice For 300 Kids Via Zoom? Like This
 » 26 March The Arts Business Has Been Decimated. It Won’t Be Easy Getting It Back
 » 26 March Cincinnati Ballet And Playhouse In The Park Were In The Middle Of Building New Homes When The Pandemic Hit
 » 26 March Major League Baseball Announces A Virtual Opening Day
 » 26 March This Book Fair Isn’t Being Cancelled, It’s Making Itself Virtual
 » 26 March A Theory Of Multiple Disasters At Once?
 » 26 March So What Exactly *Is* A Dance Curator?
 » 26 March The Musician Class Is Being Wiped Out
 » 26 March Guess who I talked to today?
 » 26 March Cotter Fodder: The Met Museum’s Sober Plan for the Virus Crisis vs. A Critic’s Pandemic Polemic
 » 26 March Asked If France ‘Missed The Boat On #MeToo’, Isabelle Huppert Throws The Interviewer Out
 » 26 March Maybe Figuring Out How To Get Your Work To An Audience Is Part Of The Creative Challenge
 » 26 March Is This Chatbot My New Best Friend?
 » 26 March Critic/Curator Maurice Berger, 63 From Coronavirus; Changed Museum Conversation On Race
 » 26 March Barbara Ehrenreich On Class, Health And Making It In America
 » 26 March Why Rebuild When We Could Remake? (Green)
 » 26 March Will Movie Theatres Survive The Apocalypse?
 » 25 March Classical music news. Obituary
 » 25 March Voting for arts funding – a short video
 » 25 March San Francisco Art Institute Stops Enrolling Students, Prepares To Lay Off Faculty And Staff
 » 25 March Ojai Music Festival Cancelled
 » 25 March There Will Be No Spoleto Festival USA This Year
 » 25 March Six Indie Filmmakers, Their New Movies Shelved, Talk About Cinema’s COVID Apocalypse
 » 25 March Yvonne Rainer Creates An At-Home Dance For Coronavirus Quarantine
 » 25 March What Will America’s Arts Economy Be Like After COVID? How Can Artists Survive? (It’s Not A Pretty Picture)
 » 25 March Albert Uderzo, Co-Creator Of Astérix The Gaul, Dead At 92
 » 25 March Remembering Terrence McNally
 » 25 March Librarians: If We Can’t Lend Books During Lockdown, Let’s Make Our Buildings And Bookmobiles Wi-Fi Hotspots
 » 25 March What Dancers Are Doing To Maintain During Lockdown
 » 25 March Museums And Art Handlers Are Giving Their Masks And Gloves To Hospitals
 » 25 March Arts Council England Pledges £160 Million To Arts For Virus Response
 » 25 March How Theater In America Handled It Last Time There Was A Pandemic
 » 25 March Devastated US Arts Industry Looks For Government Assistance
 » 25 March Classical music news - UK Vacancies
 » 25 March Thanks To Social Distancing, Drive-In Movie Theaters Are Having A Comeback
 » 25 March Playwright Terrence McNally Dies Of Coronavirus, Age 81
 » 25 March Systemic Failure: Virus Shutdown Highlights Precariousness Of Arts Economic Model
 » 25 March As Restoration Of Notre Dame Pauses, Thieves Break In
 » 25 March Bitcoin And Shares In Art – Is The Idea Dead?
 » 25 March A History Of Being Alone
 » 25 March When Art Became Advertising – And The Man Who Helped Make It So
 » 25 March Do Cities Work Against Us When The Pandemic Comes?
 » 24 March “Inspire us to be brave”
 » 24 March Fred Hersch Addresses The Virus Threat
 » 24 March JazzOnLockdown: Musicians, venues, .orgs — writers? — turn to live-streaming
 » 24 March New York Philharmonic Cancels Season, Will Give Musicians Partial Pay
 » 24 March London’s Royal Ballet Cuts Ties With Choreographer Liam Scarlett
 » 24 March Cirque Du Soleil Furloughs 95% Of Its Employees
 » 24 March One Of Britain’s Major Classical Artist Management Agencies Is Liquidating
 » 24 March Berlin Launches €100 Million Aid Program For Freelance Arts Workers
 » 24 March U.S. Supreme Court Throws Out Filmmaker’s Copyright Lawsuit Against North Carolina
 » 24 March Upright Citizens Brigade, Already Teetering, Dumps Entire Staff By Mass Email
 » 24 March Second City Lays Off Two-Thirds Of Employees
 » 24 March Woody Allen’s Memoir Gets A New Publisher
 » 24 March Hong Kong Museums, Having Reopened, Close Again
 » 24 March Report: San Francisco Arts Orgs Could Lose $73 Million By This Summer
 » 24 March Gallerist Paul Kasmin, Who Helped Turn Chelsea Into An Art Hotbed, Dead At 60
 » 24 March Dame Fanny Waterman, Founder Of The Leeds Competition, Turns 100 And Dishes About Music
 » 24 March How One Top Off-Off-Broadway Company Is Facing Theatre’s COVID Collapse
 » 24 March What’s The Purpose Of Daydreaming?
 » 24 March New York Philharmonic Cancels Season Because of Coronavirus
 » 24 March The Aggressive Critic (And Why One Needs To Be)
 » 24 March What Houdini Understood About Our Fascination With Magic
 » 24 March Why Aren’t Robots Saving Us In The Virus Crisis?
 » 24 March Strand Bookstore Lays Off 188 Workers
 » 24 March What Will The Arts Look Like When This Is All Over?
 » 23 March Plácido Domingo Has Tested Positive For COVID-19
 » 23 March The Night The Lights Went Off Off-Broadway
 » 23 March One Of The Last Victims Of Hollywood’s Blacklist Recounts How She Fought For Her Career
 » 23 March In Canada, The Banff Centre And The Stratford Festival Lay Off Hundreds Of Workers
 » 23 March The Comedian Who Tried To Put On An Entire Saturday Night Live By Himself
 » 23 March Writers Want To Help You, Parents Trying To Deal With Your Kids 24/7, And Here’s How
 » 23 March Online Arts Festivals Quickly Replace Canceled In-Person Fests [VIDEO]
 » 23 March How Did Disney Swallow Up Everything?
 » 23 March Here Are 4,000 Canadian Films To Stream For Free; Please Stop Complaining You’re Bored
 » 23 March Small Indie Musicians And Workers In Small Indie Music Spaces Are Living A Nightmare
 » 23 March Ai Weiwei Says An Artist Must Be An Activist
 » 23 March Perhaps You Can Fill Your New ‘Commute’ Time With These Art Podcasts
 » 23 March Julia Miles, Who Founded The Women’s Project To Influence Off-Broadway Theatre, Has Died
 » 23 March What Survived The Fire At The Museum
 » 23 March Miami’s Ultra Festival Goes Online. It Doesn’t Work So Well
 » 23 March Are We Making Our Decisions Or Are We Physically Reacting?
 » 23 March The Art Of Taking A Walk
 » 23 March Movie Theatres Reopen In China As Threat Recedes For Now
 » 23 March Why Do People Read/Watch Apocalyptic Fiction In Crises?
 » 23 March Waterstones Boss Finally Admits Staff Are In Danger And Closes Bookstores
 » 23 March Bill Smith, Master Of Two Musical Worlds, Has Died At 93
 » 23 March The (Temporary?) End Of Box-Office Reporting
 » 23 March Chilly Gonzales - Solo Piano II
 » 23 March Ernest Bloch - Voice in the Wilderness, Schelomo, From Jewish Life; Kol Nidrei (cello: Natalie Clein; BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra; conductor: Ilan Volkov)
 » 23 March Josef Suk - Prague / A Summer’s Tale (BBC Symphony Orchestra; conductor: Jirí Belohlávek)
 » 23 March Hector Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique (Scottish Chamber Orchestra; conductor: Robin Ticciati)
 » 23 March Carl Nielsen - Symphonies Nos. 2 & 3 (New York Philharmonic; conductor: Alan Gilbert)
 » 23 March Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - La Finta Giardiniera (Freiburger Barockorchester; Rene Jacobs)
 » 23 March Johann Sebastian Bach - Harpsichord Concertos (Retrospect Ensemble; harpsichord/director: Matthew Halls)
 » 23 March Felix Mendelssohn - Violin Concertos / The Hebrides (violin: Alina Ibragimova; Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment; conductor: Vladimir Jurowski)
 » 23 March Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Piano Concertos Nos. 9 & 21 (feat. piano: Mitsuko Uchida; The Cleveland Orchestra)
 » 23 March Ludwig van Beethoven - The Beethoven Journey: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 3 (feat. piano: Leif Ove Andsnes; Mahler Chamber Orchestra)
 » 23 March Leonardo Vinci - Artaserse (Philippe Jaroussky; Max Emanuel Cencic; Coro della Radiotelevisione svizzera; Concerto Koln; conductor: Diego Fasolis)
 » 23 March Nils Frahm - Screws
 » 23 March Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Don Giovanni (Ildebrando D'Arcangelo; Mahler Chamber Orchestra; conductor: Yannick Nezet-Seguin)
 » 23 March Johann Sebastian Bach - Das Wohltemperierte Clavier (Books I and II) (feat. piano: András Schiff)
 » 23 March Johann Sebastian Bach - Cantatas vol. 51 (Bach Collegium Japan; conductor: Masaaki Suzuki)
 » 23 March Benjamin Britten - The Rape of Lucretia (conductor: Oliver Knussen; Aldeburgh Festival Ensemble)
 » 23 March Franz Schubert - Schubert Edition Vol. 7: Erlkönig (baritone: Matthias Goerne; piano: Andreas Haefliger)
 » 23 March Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky - Pictures, Sarcasms & Visions (feat. piano: Steven Osborne)
 » 23 March Giovanni Battista Pergolesi - Septem verba a Christo (Sophie Karthaüser, Christophe Dumaux, Julien Behr, Konstantin Wolff, Academie für Alte Musik Berlin/Rene Jacobs)
 » 23 March Ludwig van Beethoven - Violin Sonatas (violin: Leonidas Kavakos, piano: Enrico Pace)
 » 22 March Classical music news. The Elgar Festival
 » 22 March Bill Smith, Master of Two Musical Worlds, Is Dead at 93
 » 22 March Suzy Delair, Who Starred In Movies And Music Halls, Has Died At 102
 » 22 March Debbie Allen, Ben Platt, And Other Celebrities Host Instagram Dance Classes And Parties
 » 22 March Even Disney Plus, Which Just Got To Europe, Will Reduce Its Streaming Load
 » 22 March How To Hunker Down And Actually Read Right Now
 » 22 March The Film Industry, Devastated In An Hour
 » 22 March Kenny Rogers, Who Brought Country To Pop And Sang With The Muppets And Dolly Parton, Has Died At 81
 » 22 March The Race To Save The Art Of The Most Famous Sculptor We’ve Never Heard Of
 » 22 March What Theatre Can Do For Humanity In The Midst Of This Unprecedented Crisis
 » 22 March EuroVision Is Canceled; Long Live AlternaVision?
 » 22 March Broadway Unions Reach Deal With Producers To Help Workers For A Few Weeks
 » 22 March Chicago Neighborhood Sings Bon Jovi From Quaratine
 » 22 March What Does A Delayed Cannes Mean For World Cinema?
 » 22 March Great Classical Music, Theatre, And Dance Now Online
 » 22 March Our Story Is Not Ended: Chay Yew On His Last, Closed Play And The Future Of Theatre
 » 22 March James Hatch, Archivist Of Black Theatre, Has Died At 91
 » 22 March The Psychology Of Comfort TV
 » 22 March Actors And Others Read Us Sonnets Online
 » 21 March Great Theater, Dance and Classical Music to Tune Into While Stuck at Home
 » 21 March High Drag Comes To Flamenco (It Had To Happen Eventually, And It’s Great)
 » 21 March American Alliance Of Museums Asks Congress For $4 Billion In Aid
 » 21 March “Sweet Land” Opera Was A Hit. Then It Had To Close For The Virus. So One Performance For Just The Cameras
 » 21 March Philanthropies Are Lining Up To Try To Help The Arts
 » 21 March Movie Box Office Falls 97 Percent As Theatres Shut
 » 21 March Do You Suffer From Imposter Syndrome?
 » 21 March The Art Of Culturally Relevant Crosswords
 » 20 March Classical music news. Obituary
 » 20 March Classical music news. Obituary
 » 20 March A Composer Finds the Old in the New
 » 20 March Before Bach, He Was Germany’s Greatest Composer
 » 20 March For This Pianist, Every Album Is an Essay
 » 20 March Cannes Film Festival Postponed But Not Cancelled
 » 20 March Why It Matters So Much That Cannes Was Postponed And Not Called Off
 » 20 March Metropolitan Opera Cancels Rest Of Season And Furloughs All Musicians And Stagehands
 » 20 March Hay Literature Festival Cancelled, With Future In Doubt
 » 20 March Chicago Lyric’s Orchestra Gives Up Part Of Salary So Freelancers For Cancelled ‘Ring’ Can Be Paid
 » 20 March Hope! As Movie Houses Everywhere Else Close, China Begins Moving Toward Reopening Them
 » 20 March Washington Post’s New Classical Critic: What A Week To Start A Job!
 » 20 March Tonie Marshall, First Woman Director To Win A French Oscar, Dead At 68
 » 20 March Americans For The Arts Makes Plea For Federal Assistance For The Arts
 » 20 March Hot Young Playwrights Are Now Teaching Workshops Online
 » 20 March Opportunity: Unplug, Pick Some Music And REALLY Listen
 » 20 March Alvin Ailey Dancers Do Part Of ‘Revelations’ On Instagram, Each From Their Own Home
 » 20 March What Might The Arts Look Like After Corona?
 » 20 March How The Scientists Leading The Notre-Dame Restoration Are Working, And What They’re Learning
 » 20 March Thieves Steal Bronze Gates To Seattle Arboretum In The Middle Of The Night
 » 20 March Doriot Anthony Dwyer, Flutist and Orchestral Pathbreaker, Dies at 98
 » 20 March Alabama Will Open Museum For Remnants Of Last American Slave Ship
 » 20 March Mighty Powell’s Books Goes Down
 » 20 March Music Moves To Streaming Live – But First To Figure Out What Works
 » 20 March You Might Not Be Born With Talent, But You Can Learn Creativity
 » 20 March SCAD Hong Kong Will Close Permanently This Spring
 » 20 March LA Times Listings Editor Watches Schedule Fall Apart
 » 20 March Rare Copy Of Newton’s “Principia Mathematica” Found In Corsica
 » 19 March Covid’s Metamorphoses: How Coronavirus Has Transformed the Artworld
 » 19 March Crisis as Opportunity
 » 19 March Holland Cotter’s Five-Point Plan To Save The Souls Of Traditional ‘Encyclopedic’ Museums
 » 19 March Glyndebourne Cancels (Only) Half Of Its Summer Opera Season
 » 19 March Met Museum Expects To Be Closed Until July And To Lose $100 Million
 » 19 March 120,000 Production And Tech Jobs Have Already Been Lost Due To Coronavirus, Says Union
 » 19 March Atlanta Is A Majority-Black City. Why Is There So Little Black Theater?
 » 19 March TikTok Told Moderators To Suppress Content By Users Who Weren’t Hot Enough
 » 19 March Lynn Nottage And Annie Baker Say Theaters Have Asked Them To Give Back Advances
 » 19 March Macmillan Gives Up Its War With Libraries Over E-Books
 » 19 March 120,000 Film Industry Workers Laid Off
 » 19 March 20 Top New Dance Works Of The Last 20 Years
 » 19 March What It’s Like Performing For An Empty Hall
 » 19 March Stuart Whitman, Oscar-Nominated Actor And Action Star, Dead At 92
 » 19 March EU Asks Netflix To Stop HD Streaming As Internet Use Soars
 » 19 March Be The Curator. New Online Tool Let’s You Create Your Own Show
 » 19 March What Coronavirus Content Is Showing Us About Ourselves (It Ain’t Pretty)
 » 19 March Online Gaming Platforms Fail To Keep Up With Surge Of Players
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