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 » 16 January Sarah Connolly
 » 16 January Out of Silence, the Music of Meditation
 » 16 January New Year’s Sounds: The Week in Classical Music
 » 16 January Response to ‘Listen vs. Tell’
 » 16 January New Fund To Restore And Protect Heritage Sites In War Zones Announces Its First Projects, In Iraq And Mali
 » 16 January Top Carnegie Hall Exec To Lead Berkeley’s Cal Performances
 » 16 January As Senegal Opens New Museum Of Black Civilizations, It Wants France To Return Objects Taken During Colonial Period
 » 16 January Author Francine du Plessix Gray Dead At 88
 » 16 January Academy Of American Poets Gets $2.2 Million Gift From Mellon Foundation
 » 16 January Vandal Attack At Denver Art Museum: Damage Estimate Reduced From $1.93 Million To Less Than $100,000
 » 16 January Carlos Acosta Named Director Of Birmingham Royal Ballet
 » 16 January A String Bass That Actually Fits In A Manageable Travel Case
 » 16 January Screen Actors Guild Accuses Academy Of ‘Intimidation’ Over Oscars
 » 16 January Anonymous Was A Woman And Its No-Longer-Anonymous Funder
 » 16 January Russian Filmmaker, Facing Censors And Vigilantes, Puts Comedy On YouTube Instead Of Cinema Screens
 » 16 January Critics Talk About The Pleasures And Pains Of Extremely Bad Reviews
 » 16 January Consider The Lowly Pushbutton – A Challenge To Our Humanity?
 » 16 January Why The National Theatres In The British Isles Are So Fraught (And Fought Over)
 » 16 January An Existential Threat To The Baltimore Symphony?
 » 16 January On Balanchine’s ‘Apollo’ (Alastair Macaulay Is Back)
 » 16 January Five Trends That Will Shape The Visual Art Market In 2019
 » 16 January Conductor Carlos Miguel Prieto Faces Storms At Mexico’s National Symphony Orchestra
 » 16 January Winston Churchill, Artist
 » 16 January Carnegie Hall’s Contemporary Music Master Will Go to Berkeley
 » 16 January The Amazing Internet Radio Station With Almost Every Kind Of Music There Is
 » 16 January New Psychological Studies Try To Answer Classic Questions About Art
 » 16 January As Drag Queen Story Hour Spreads, Christianists Stage Protests (And Scream At Children)
 » 16 January How Do You Cast Kids Who Are Supposed To Be Musical Prodigies?
 » 16 January Can Onerous Grant Reporting (We’re Bored Already) Be Made More Meaningful?
 » 16 January Ballet Specifically For TV As A Way To Get Kids Interested In Dance
 » 16 January Podcasters In Search Of A Business Model
 » 16 January Dutch composer Joël Bons wins Grawemeyer award
 » 16 January Premio Santa Cecilia 2018 for Alexander Comitas
 » 15 January Felix Mildenberger
 » 15 January Drumul Dracului
 » 15 January Michael Francis
 » 15 January 7 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 15 January The Met Opera Has a Gay Conductor. Yes, That Matters.
 » 15 January Music Makes Art Magic: Atelier des Lumières
 » 15 January Bass Theo Adam Dead At 92
 » 15 January Classical Recording Sales In UK Up By 10.2% (!)
 » 15 January Artist/Self-Mutilator Pyotr Pavlensky Sentenced For Setting Fire To Bank Of France
 » 15 January Christians In Israel Protest Against ‘McJesus’ Scuplture
 » 15 January Miami Art Mogul Launches Award He Hopes Will Rival The Turner Prize
 » 15 January Carol Channing, 97
 » 15 January After His Anti-Gay Instagram Post, Sergei Polunin Gets Dropped By Paris Opera Ballet
 » 15 January After 30 Years, Emily Mann To Retire From McCarter Theatre Center
 » 15 January Why It Matters That The Met Opera’s Music Director Is Openly Gay
 » 15 January Kanye West Gives $10 Million Toward James Turrell’s Great Land Art Piece
 » 15 January Priest Decides Painting In His Church Might Be By Michelangelo. Then It Disappears
 » 15 January In L.A. County, Using The Arts To Help Keep Juvenile Offenders Out Of Jail
 » 15 January Actors Union Threatens Broadway Strike. Is This An Overreach?
 » 15 January Is It Really A Good Idea To Demand That Only Gay Actors Play Gay Roles?
 » 15 January Diversity? Fine. But How Are We Defining It?
 » 15 January When Broadway Captured The Popular Imagination
 » 15 January Stratford CT’s American Shakesepeare Theatre Burns To The Ground
 » 15 January Intentional Forgetting May Be A Good Strategy For Remembering
 » 15 January Editing Marcel Proust Was A Nightmare (Especially After He Died)
 » 15 January We Live In An Adversarial Culture. Historians At Their Best Offer A Different Approach
 » 15 January A Great Conductor Goes To A High School To Inspire Kids, And…
 » 15 January Music Festivals Have Become Huge Business. Now What?
 » 15 January New Push To Locate Books Looted By Nazis
 » 15 January Decisions, Decisions. Turns Out Many Of Us Aren’t Good At Triaging
 » 15 January Hugh Grant Makes Appeal For Return Of Script Stolen From His Car
 » 15 January IHeartRadio Launches A New Broadway Shows Channel
 » 15 January The Warhol That Went Missing
 » 15 January 3 Arts Marketing, Development & Ticketing Conferences to Choose From!
 » 15 January Aribert Reimann honored for lifetime achievement
 » 15 January Louis Andriessen receives honorary doctorate
 » 15 January Bible and Culture Prize for Wolfgang Rihm
 » 14 January Performance Guide for Autumn
 » 14 January Bartok, by Heart, From the Chiara String Quartet
 » 14 January What’s Lost When Pops Orchestras Tap Pop Culture
 » 14 January Review: New Music Inspired by Christ’s Agony and Dating Apps
 » 14 January Classical Music Listings for Aug. 26-Sept. 1
 » 14 January Was Shostakovich a Martyr? Or Is That Just Fiction?
 » 14 January Stephen King Angrily Tweets At Paper For Cutting Book Reviews, And Then Boom
 » 14 January The New Spider-Man Movie Is An Indictment Of Live-Action Superheroes
 » 14 January An Ad Gone Viral Tells The Story Of Race And Ballet
 » 14 January Composer Anthony Braxton Has Only Gotten Far Busier Since ‘Retirement’
 » 14 January Internet Protocol Mappers Led Police Back, And Back, And Back To This Random Couple’s House
 » 14 January Will Anyone Buy Troubled UK Entertainment Chain HMV?
 » 14 January The Latest Reading Accessory Is A Candle (Or Twelve)
 » 14 January We Know You Love ‘Bird Box,’ But Could You Please Not Drive While Blindfolded?
 » 14 January What Would It Take To Mute – And Prosecute – R. Kelly?
 » 14 January Is A Mysterious Shark Species Discovered In A Museum Actually Long Extinct?
 » 14 January When Contemporary Lit Professors Decided To Agree That The Author Is Dead
 » 14 January An Oscar Contender Stirs Guilt – And Soul-Searching – In Mexico’s Middle Class
 » 14 January The U.S. Poet Laureate Has A Podcast, And It’s Coming To Public Radio
 » 14 January The Truth About The So-Called Gig Economy
 » 14 January The Last Manhattan Arcade
 » 14 January Spotify Is Now Selling Sponsorship Of Its Personalized Playlists
 » 14 January Chinese Censorship Is Complicated. It’s Why Orwell Isn’t Censored…
 » 14 January New Initiative To Extend The Arts With Technology
 » 14 January Beauty Isn’t Explained By Science. But Science Needs To Understand Beauty
 » 14 January Hell As An Incentive
 » 14 January Could A Font Help Your Remember More of What You Read?
 » 14 January Struggling Rural Universities Get More Focused By Eliminating Subjects Such as History, Humanities
 » 14 January Aldo Parisot, Eminent Cello Teacher and Yale Fixture, Dies at 100
 » 14 January A Classic Theatre Story, Missing Some Grit
 » 14 January An Ugly New York Society Divorce Has A Lot Of Warhols At Its Center
 » 14 January How Can Artistic Leaders Focus On Culture, Not Just Their Institutions?
 » 14 January Mahershala Ali On His Long Rise To Fame – And Being A Muslim In America Right Now
 » 14 January "Prix de Composition Musicale" for Thomas Larcher
 » 14 January Unsuk Chin is awarded Marie-Josée Kravis Prize
 » 14 January Jörg Widmann receives Robert-Schumann-Preis
 » 14 January Premio Nacional de Artes Musicales for Juan Allende Blin
 » 13 January The Naxos Ring
 » 13 January Cultural Jail
 » 13 January John McCabe
 » 13 January Martina Sciotto
 » 13 January Netflix Put Castilian Spanish Subtitles On ‘Roma’ In Spain Until Alfonso Cuarón Complained
 » 13 January The Rise Of Realistic Self-Help Literature
 » 13 January Estonia Is Worried About Russian Influence, So It’s Turning – Naturally – To The Arts For Resistance
 » 13 January An Artist Worked For 15 Years On A Sculpture That Was Slowly Poisoning Her [VIDEO]
 » 13 January The Fine Art Of The iPhone Notes App Celebrity Apology
 » 13 January Director of Development
 » 13 January Going Inside The World’s Most Beautiful Bookstore
 » 13 January Checking In On Hamilton In Puerto Rico (With A Certain Creator Back In The Title Role)
 » 13 January Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ Get A Rest, And Restoration, Break
 » 13 January After Banksy Paints A Garage Door In A Welsh Port City, Can The Nation Save It?
 » 13 January Warming Up A Movie Machine By Going Back To Its More Basic, Early Days
 » 13 January The Brutal Toll Of Ballet
 » 13 January Historic Shakespeare Theater In Connecticut Is Destroyed In A Fire
 » 13 January Training A New Generation Of Arts Critics To Engage With Issues
 » 13 January Why In The World Would Anyone In Hollywood Hire John Lasseter Again?
 » 13 January Abstract Dejection
 » 13 January The Warhol Foundation Ends Its Smithsonian Ban
 » 13 January Propwatch: the dagger in The Double Dealer
 » 13 January Quit Using ‘Relatable’ As A Criterion To Judge (Women’s) Writing
 » 13 January Alfred Glancy III, A Detroit Businessman Who Helped Save The DSO, Has Died At 80
 » 12 January A Year After The Emmett Till-Whitney Biennial Furor, Dana Schutz Is Back At Work
 » 12 January The Market Economy Model Has Crippled All Sorts Of Professions
 » 12 January How Verdi Took Care Of His Friends: A Retirement Home For Opera Singers
 » 12 January Research: Why We Like Horror Films? They’re Good For Us
 » 12 January The Silent Film Era Produced 10,000 Movies. The Vast Majority Have Been Lost Or Destroyed
 » 12 January Mystery Over Why Easter Island’s Giant Heads Are Where They Are Is Solved
 » 12 January The Day Mainstream Culture Died
 » 12 January Haifa Film Festival Award for Preisner
 » 11 January Tallis Scholars
 » 11 January Garsington Opera
 » 11 January Eric Lu
 » 11 January A Luminous ‘Aria Code’ Joins a Meager Field of Classical Music Podcasts
 » 11 January Memo to the New York Philharmonic: Louder Isn’t Better
 » 11 January Extraordinary Popular Delusions, Chicago free improv all-stars
 » 11 January Once-Feted Dancing Girls Of Lahore Fall On Hard Times As Pakistan Becomes Ever More Conservative
 » 11 January Fighting Hindu Nationalism With Urdu Poetry
 » 11 January That Caravaggio That Turned Up In An Attic? French Gov’t Decides It’s Not Authentic And Can Be Sold
 » 11 January Royal Shakespeare Co., Punchdrunk, Philharmonia Orchestra At Work On New Immersive Virtual Reality Project
 » 11 January ‘The Most Trusted Woman On TV’, Reporter Sylvia Chase, Dead At 80
 » 11 January Sergei Polunin Gets Himself In Trouble Again, This Time With Homophobic Instagram Post
 » 11 January Upright Citizens Brigade To Close One Of Its Theaters
 » 11 January Incoming Director Of DC’s National Gallery Is Bringing Quite A Lot To The Job
 » 11 January Alastair Macaulay Takes Issue With Dance Magazine Over 180-Degree Leg Lifts Story
 » 11 January Arms Manufacturer Shamed Out Of Sponsoring Museum Shows Changes Its Name To Leonardo
 » 11 January That 17th-Century Viol That Alitalia Smashed Up Last Year Is Restored And Back In Action
 » 11 January Edo De Waart Named San Diego Symphony’s First-Ever Principal Guest Conductor
 » 11 January It’s Increasingly Difficult To Make A Living As A Writer. Why?
 » 11 January Oscars Will Go On Without A Host This Year: Report
 » 11 January Staff At NY’s The New Museum Want To Unionize. The Museum Isn’t Happy
 » 11 January This TV Movie About Brexit Has Been Just About As Contentious As Brexit Itself
 » 11 January When Herbert Hoover’s FBI Declares Writers Enemies Of The State
 » 11 January Was Modernist English Literature Deliberately Written To Keep The Riff-Raff Away?
 » 11 January The Taste-Maker Industrial Complex
 » 11 January 7 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 11 January Why Did All The Bells On Philly’s Avenue Of The Arts Stop Ringing?
 » 11 January Opera Roles Are Classified By Voice Types. Also Gender Types. Is This A Problem?
 » 11 January NY’s Prototype Festival Shows How Hard It Is To Reinvent Opera
 » 11 January Billion-Dollar Foundation Dedicates Itself To Racial Equity. Founder’s Heirs Protest
 » 11 January American Cultural Mythology: Authenticity Above All Else (Hollywood-Style Of Course)
 » 11 January Artists Protest Dublin’s Abbey Theatre: “We’re Being Paid What We Earned 20 Years Ago”
 » 11 January So Now Detroit’s Cool Again, Who Gets To Call Themselves A Detroit Artist?
 » 11 January Close Cousins to Sculpture? Stephen Buckley’s Work Needs All Three Dimensions
 » 10 January Garsington Partnerships
 » 10 January 2019 Grammy Nominations
 » 10 January Tan Dun
 » 10 January Two Star Conductors Faced #MeToo Allegations. Now They’re Back.
 » 10 January A Galvanizing Young Mezzo: The Week in Classical Music
 » 10 January I’ll Never Be Rachmaninoff
 » 10 January Recent Listening: Dave McKenna In Madison
 » 10 January Scotland Wants To Display Stone From Great Pyramid; Egypt Says, Prove It’s Not Looted
 » 10 January Bolsonaro Eliminates Brazil’s Culture Ministry
 » 10 January US Is Now Out Of UNESCO For Second Time
 » 10 January Mary Kay Stearns, One Of TV’s Very First Sitcom Stars, Dead At 93
 » 10 January Hartford Stage Names New Artistic Director: Melia Bensussen
 » 10 January NYC’s Defunct Gotham Chamber Opera Comes Back From The Dead (Sort Of)
 » 10 January Public TV Network In Oklahoma Cuts Ties With Foundation That Raises Money For It
 » 10 January ‘Salvator Mundi’ And The Mueller Probe And Russian Collusion? Really??
 » 10 January Did Tony Soprano Die? The Two Guys Who Wrote ‘The Sopranos Sessions’ Hash It Out
 » 10 January Female Film Composers Are Even More Underrepresented Than Female Directors And Screenwriters
 » 10 January The Truth Behind The Genesis Of Monty Python’s ‘Spamalot’ (An Oral History)
 » 10 January The Design Of A Book’s Interior Is As Important, And As Tricky, As That Of Its Cover
 » 10 January Hollywood’s Next Stage Theatre Closes After 30 Years
 » 10 January When The First Lesbian Novel Was Banned, Its Author Got Support From All Over The Globe
 » 10 January Study: Older People Share More Fake News
 » 10 January How Did A Quiet Belgian Director Become ‘The Most Important Auteur On The International Stage Circuit’? Three New York Times Critics Debate Ivo Van Hove
 » 10 January How Sound Can Tip Us To Things Like Climate Change
 » 10 January Why Did This 11th-Century Woman Have Lapis Lazuli In Her Dental Plaque?
 » 10 January A New Phase In Art And Dance Made By Artists With Disabilities
 » 10 January Director of Development, Antaeus Theatre Company
 » 10 January The Essay As Art Form
 » 10 January Is It Possible To Teach Creative Writing With Value-Neutral Language?
 » 10 January Cities Of War (An Urban Plan)
 » 10 January The Mindfulness Industrial Complex Comes To The Museum
 » 10 January As “The Millions” Is Sold, An Elegy For The Demise Of Book Blogger Culture
 » 10 January Inside The Burgeoning Seduction Industry
 » 10 January Does Documentary Theatre Add To Understanding?
 » 10 January The Virtuoso Of Light Who Paints It On Dance
 » 10 January Artists Rep seeks Company Manager
 » 9 January Philip Glass and John Adams on a Bowie-Inspired New Symphony
 » 9 January Smithsonian Pandemonium: Skorton Leaves, Museums Shuttered
 » 9 January Mission Commitment
 » 9 January ‘The Favourite’ Leads BAFTA Nominations
 » 9 January At Shakespeare’s Globe, Dozens Of Staffers Face Layoffs
 » 9 January There Are Two Golden Tractor Tires On The Grand Staircase At The Paris Opera
 » 9 January New York’s Beloved Drama Book Shop Was About To Close , So Lin-Manuel Miranda Bought It
 » 9 January It’s Official: Met Museum Had Record 7.36M Visitors In 2018
 » 9 January UK Launches Campaign To Expand Music Therapy For Dementia Patients
 » 9 January The Story Of ‘Spider-Man’, France’s Most Spectacular Art Thief
 » 9 January Art Dealer/Tax Fraudster Mary Boone Tries The Officer Krupke Defense
 » 9 January This One Nifty Chart Shows The Danger Facing Netflix
 » 9 January Leonardo’s ‘Salvator Mundi’ Is Missing — And It’s Mixed Up With The Saudi Crown Prince And The Mueller Investigation
 » 9 January In Defense Of Opera In English Translation
 » 9 January Memories Of One Of ‘The Old Gang’ At Judson Dance Theater
 » 9 January Watching A Theme-Park Jesus At Work
 » 9 January What Your Access To Fitness Centers Says About Who You Are
 » 9 January The Joys Of Old English (The Secret Is The Kennings)
 » 9 January Music That Zigs While Others Are Zagging
 » 9 January The Huge Ethical Issues Around Artificial Intelligence
 » 9 January This Florida Mall Aims To Become An Art Destination
 » 9 January 2039: What Will The World Look Like In 20 Years?
 » 9 January The Future Of Publishing? This Should Depress You
 » 9 January An Increasingly Algorithmic Culture Threatens Our Relationship With Creativity
 » 9 January Fractured Atlas Committed Itself To Racial Equity. Here’s How It’s Going
 » 9 January The Tricky Euphemisms We Use To Judge One Story Better Than Another
 » 9 January Dance Place Seeks Development Director
 » 9 January “Jazz Is Dying” As Metaphor For The Larger Culture
 » 9 January What’s The Difference Between A Dialect And A Language?
 » 9 January When The DNA Test Challenges Your Cultural Identity
 » 8 January Gauguin. Spirituality and Max Hollein
 » 8 January Harpsichordist Blandine Verlet Dead At 76
 » 8 January The British Museum Thought This Was An Ancient Sumerian Vase. Turns Out It Was A Deadly Weapon
 » 8 January A Quarter Of Young Adults In UK Never Go To Theatre: Study
 » 8 January 1,700-Year-Old Roman Busts Uncovered By Rain
 » 8 January Cornelia Street Café, A Hub Of Greenwich Village’s Artistic Ferment, Shuts Down
 » 8 January Female Scene Shop Worker At Guthrie Theater Alleges Discrimination, But Two Investigations Disagree
 » 8 January Retooling Scott Joplin’s ‘Treemonisha’ For The 21st-Century
 » 8 January US Supreme Court Rejects Olivia de Havilland’s Lawsuit Against Miniseries ‘Feud: Bette And Joan’
 » 8 January The Village Voice May Be Gone, But Its Annual Film Critics’ Poll Doesn’t Have To Be
 » 8 January How Ballet’s Leg Lifts Extended To 180 Degrees (And Sometimes Beyond)
 » 8 January Think Cultural Criticism Doesn’t Matter At A Time Like This? Think Again
 » 8 January ‘Trust-Based Philanthropy’: The Long, Fruitful Relationship Between The Alvin Ailey Company And Prudential
 » 8 January NBC Says It Will Reduce Ads In Prime Time By 20 Percent
 » 8 January There Were Brilliant Documentaries In 2018, And Docs Did Great Box Office. Too Bad They Weren’t The Same Films
 » 8 January Dallas Morning News Lays Off 43, Including Most Of Its Arts Writers
 » 8 January A Parliament Of Owls; A Bloat Of Hippos. Where Do These Nouns Of Assemblage Come From?
 » 8 January Increasing Number Of Fakes Of African-American Art
 » 8 January Is There Any Point To Conspiracy Fiction When Conspiracy Theories Have Become Political Weapons?
 » 8 January Why The 87-Year-Old Founder Of Philadanco Dance Wants To Start A New School
 » 8 January Artists Rep in Portland, OR seeks Marketing Associate
 » 8 January How The Prado Museum Revitalized Itself
 » 8 January Ranking All 213 Beatles’ Songs From Worst To Best
 » 8 January Somebody Tried To Shame Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez By Posting A Video Of Her Dancing In College. Really?
 » 8 January The Next Big Thing In British Art: Research Architecture?
 » 8 January Leisure Gap: Men Are Watching More TV On Average Than Women
 » 8 January Claim: A Change In Ireland’s National Theatre’s Policy Has Devastated The Theatre Community
 » 8 January Edinburgh Fringe Festival Is Now Scotland’s Most Lucrative Event
 » 7 January The Old Fools
 » 7 January For a Confident Debut, a Young Singer Turns to Schubert
 » 7 January Many Bookstores Have Coffee Shops, But This Is A Bookstore With A Craft-Beer Bar
 » 7 January Wait, *What* Happened At The Golden Globes?
 » 7 January America, We Need To Talk About ‘Dixie’
 » 7 January A Man Walked Into A Bookstore
 » 7 January Should We Be Able To Sue Facebook (And Other Companies) For Violating Our Privacy?
 » 7 January The Year Of The Little Indies That Could
 » 7 January This Artist Was Arrested As Soon As He Left The One – Yes, One – Corner Where It’s Legal To Protest In Singapore
 » 7 January Sandra Oh Caps An Amazing Mid-Career Rise With Hosting The Golden Globes
 » 7 January Performers And Stage Managers Want A Share Of Hit Plays And Musicals They Helped Create
 » 7 January Even Harvard Can’t Afford Academic Science Journals
 » 7 January Netflix Bows To Censors In Saudi Arabia
 » 7 January For The First Time, A Woman Will Run CBS News
 » 7 January Instagram Live Is The New Fireside Chat
 » 7 January Honoring – And Keeping Alive The Music Of – A Composer Who Died Too Young
 » 7 January In Britain, Small Indie Bookshops Are Flourishing
 » 7 January 2018 In Classical Music By The Numbers
 » 7 January Are These The 21 Most-Beautiful Theatres In America?
 » 7 January How A Heavy Metal Mongolian Band Found A Worldwide Audience
 » 7 January Earn Your Master’s Degree by Spending One Weekend a Month in NYC
 » 7 January “How My Cat Destroyed The Painting I was Restoring”
 » 7 January Undergraduates Abandon History Degrees
 » 7 January Our Obsession With Taking Pictures Is Changing Our Memories
 » 7 January Pioneering Animator Don Lusk, 105
 » 7 January Breaking Down The Critic-Proof Appeal Of A Netflix Film
 » 7 January A Choreographer Creates An Homage To Fluidity, Biculturalism, And A Classic Third-Wave Feminist Book
 » 7 January One Of Hollywood’s Early, Prolific (Woman) Directors Gets Two Movies Restored
 » 7 January Everything About The 2019 Golden Globes
 » 6 January If You Throw A Choose Your Own Adventure, But There’s No Actual Adventure, What’s The Point?
 » 6 January Ballet Isn’t Only Women – It’s Also Trans, Nonbinary, And Genderqueer Dancers
 » 6 January In Book ‘News,’ Most Writers Earn Below The Poverty Line From Their Writing
 » 6 January What’s Behind The Explosion Of Merchandise From Hogwarts?
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