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How to USE “Resonating Oops” in loudspeakers 4620 
Luthiers 4620 
A comment by 'manuelgarcia66' 4620 
Spruce 4620 
Let disassemble Nicolas Lupot’s violins and make Ocellias. 4620 
A resonant experiment 4620 
old pianos 4620 
How to build Audio Amati. 4620 
Wait aminute 4620 
Hmm... 4620 
The afterburn acoustic resonators ... 4620 
Borges' loudspeakers 4620 
"The whole notion is so romantic..." 4620 
The single driver set 4620 
Orange Cello Speakers 4619 
I've had similar experience 4619 
Cabinets joining in 4619 
No title 4619 
About vowelness and bubbleness of Sound 4619 
Kirkegaard's loudspeakers (a nobler Tannoy) 4619 
Corner 4619 
Difficult to understand 4619 
Boxy Harmonics 4619 
I am really on something... 4619 
Tail Resonator 4618 
The “Oops-resonator” is quite complex 4614 
OK, it is official – I’m a genius!!! 4552 
What the “genius” did: the Injection Channel 4550 
A “First Crack” enclosure? 4549 
Understanding the Genius 4548 
The Injection Channel - very simple. 4548 
Do benefits vary according to scale? 4548 
The flexible Injection Channel 4548 
Secondary Resonances 4548 
Injection Channel – some tails for followers. 4547 
Oops enclosure vs. Fs, etc. 4547 
Injection Channel response vs. Main Speaker... 4547 
Why am I not surprised? 4547 
Injection Chanel is not food, it is spice... 4547 
Not suggesting you (or anyone) use EQ to "balance" frequency response. 4547 
OK, I am getting somewhere. 4535 
Injection Channel project is done. 4533 
The "Macondo Ultimate" MK-XXVII, Revision 432… 4533 
Injection Alignment 4533 
It should be time aligned with religious prejudges. 4532 
The Injection Channel idea perfect, isn’t it? 4532 
The Injection Channel: post factum 4532 
A very thoughtful exposition, Romy 4532 
"it appears to be sitting out in front of them"... 4531 
After all I was right all along, ... almost.... 4528 
If the cabinet is an audible factor 4528 
This is how it will be. 4528 
The Injection Channel: post post factum 4526 
Careful with that ax Eugene! 4526 
Everything is much undefined now…. 4526 
The best position so far. 4525 
Additional thoughts for Eugene 4525 
Some answers from Engine with ax. 4525 
S2 Diaphragms and the Mysterious Eugene 4524 
The S2 Diaphragms: is not the tone that drives me. 4524 
The Injection Channel's Rule? 4524 
Tone & point of origin 4523 
The Injection Channel “defused” channel 4523 
That little something extra 4523 
The negative consequences of Injection Channel but... 4522 
The Injection Channel – time to harvest 4521 
An impression of the injection channel 4519 
Still determined to change it? 4519 
"Big'Un" 4518 
More and better anyway 4518 
One man's junk is another man's... Uh... Injection Channel? 4518 
You will have Fun with it... 4518 
I do not think that duplication is applicable in here. 4517 
Commercial Oops? 4351 
What are they selling? 4351 
Vagueness 4351 
Inverted injection 4351 
Injection channel with WRONG polarity in my case is not good. 4351 
Addition of harmonics 4351 
It is nothing to do with “harmonic spectrum” 4351 
Oops - Layered Sound 4351 
Assumed you have perfect time alignment... 4350 
Where they do not work against each other. 4350 
Injection in Wilson WAMM 4347 
In WAMMs it looks more like “in-air-damping”. 4347 
More a reality than you imagine 4345 
Don't forget NXT 4345 
Dont think so 4345 
Well, you may be right but... 4345 
NXT: a Musician's speaker? 4345 
NXT basics 4345 
Musicians and “Resonating Oops” 4345 
Quality Resonating Oops 4344 
Clarity 4344 
Podium Sound 4344 
Hi Guy 4344 
Musicians, Judging Playback, & the value of Re... 4344 
Love at first listen 4343 
The NXT panels are a few dB down 4343 
I had a dream: The Black Box. 4343 
Agreed 4343 
Injection, Resonance, & Point Sources 4343 
You will have a lot of difficulties. 4343 
The compromise of stereo 4343 
Time alignment is not an issue 4343 
Well, said, Adrian 4343 
The NXTization of speakers. 4342 
NXT panels are like an old fashioned music box 4342 
Not 'surround sound' 4342 
Very special exciter 4342 
First a statement of fact 4342 
Wise to avoid the NXT licensing 4342 
You asked about my system 4342 
Other ways to use the Injection ideology. 4342 
Arrangement of exciters 4342 
How sound is perceived? 4340 
I absolutely disagree. 4340 
Time alignment and OOPS! 4340 
I agree 4339 
Ambience speakers 4336 
Color Injection vs. Texture Injection vs. Imaging ... 4335 
One more unmentioned benefit of my Injection 4335 
Balance, texture and weight 4334 
Even with EQ 4334 
Sound Texture 4333 
You do not have it – fake it. 4333 
When resonance takes over 4269 
The Russian take on the “Resonance Oops” 4244 
Excess of HF? 4017 
An incredibly interesting subject? 4017 
The location of my Injection Channel. 3952 
Fungus-Treated Violin Out-Performs Stradivarius 3625 
An OT Plug for Rupert Sheldrake 3625 
Injection channel location 3470 
A direct hit question 3470 
Axial Leads 3469 
Combined Injection and Bias Channels? 3468 
A fiasco of the Bias Channel idea. 3467 
Injection Channel is about very high precision. 3302 
Injection channel redux 3230 
Injection channel shall do colors only, not space. 3230 
Further along with injection channel. 3227 
Sexier Injection Channel box? 2592 
Sexier injection channel? 2592 
Anti-horn shape cabinet? 2592 
How Important Is Present Box to Sound? 2592 
Horns continued 2591 
Holly cow!!! 2591 
/maybe an answer, maybe not 2591 
What I am thinking. 2590 
Design and implementation 2589 
Looking for a horn maker? 2588 
Audio intern 2588 
A “driver with stupid wings” 2588 
Wave Guide 2588 
Possible injection channel horn maker 2588 
Third grade engineering class 2588 
After all. 2583 
Injection channel and Romy's rules 2452 
The key to everything 2452 
After a few years with injection channel…. 2451 
A celebration of Injection channel. 2172 
Moron -o- phonic 2172 
Interviewing Steve. 2172 
Injection Channel and wine glass selection 2172 
A “poisoned” barrel 2171 
Dissonance and complexity... 2171 
HF imaging from injection channel 915 
Easy come and easy go… 911 
Similar is not the same 910 
Footnote 910 
Time-domains experiments are great! 910 
Someone did the research... 874 
Research? 874 
At least someone on the boat 873 
Everything You Need? 873 
What is with this youtube???? 873 
Yes, It Takes All Kinds 873 
Calm 873 
Am Besten? 873 
If you could start from the beginning... 680 
What if…. 680 
In the middle??? 680 
I will do it when I have time. 679 
Injection? 103 
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