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Thread WITH the new posts.

Legends: "Week" - last week posts, "Bold" - entered last 48 hours.
Deep End DIY - Australian take one Macondo. 1916 
Shunted to ground 1915 
Alignment using impulse response, acoustics and congrats 1914 
The rest of it 1914 
Yes, acoustic treatment 1914 
This has turned into a much larger DIY project than I initially intended... 1475 
Some thoughts 1475 
Thanks for your input... 1475 
Wood woofers 1475 
Curves and straight lines 1475 
Do not forget about the room! 1474 
The Milq LF amp is never wasted. 1474 
Do not do it. 1474 
The Elephant (sized speakers) in the Room 1474 
Yes, thats the way to start it 1473 
Aesthetics 1473 
A word of warning: line-level multi-amplification. 1469 
Current 1465 
No worries 1465 
More about angling the horns 1387 
Please excuse the mess 1387 
A warning and disbelive... 1386 
Metal pipes 1385 
For sure my opinion shall means very little.... 1385 
The pipes, the pipes are ringing... 1385 
Earthquakes 1385 
Unwed Mate 1385 
Ex-pat? 1384 
Ok, it looks good now... 1384 
Testing of the first Bass Cannon 1330 
That will be fun to experiment. 1329 
Free first order crossover 1328 
Hmmm… I can’t comment on this. 1327 
TSP related 1327 
Improved stuffing 1325 
Such trials are fun 1325 
The melamine 1324 
Don't forget the ears 1324 
The half-stack 1296 
Looks VERY good. 1295 
I am happy with them 1295 
The time will show. 1295 
Speaker cables 1295 
You will always have a chance to do it in future 1294 
It may not be the right time... 1294 
I do not think so.... 1294 
The loss is related to speaker impedance 1294 
For my own clarity 1294 
Ok, I got your point. 1293 
I decided to test the maths... 1292 
Water pipe size works well :) 1292 
So for ruining your weekend. 1291 
You do not have to worry about it 1290 
Resistance with no load 1290 
The point is well taken 1290 
A misunderstanding 1290 
It's a lot of capacitance 1290 
Some psychological stories and tips. 1243 
Not such a dissimilar story 1243 
First Bass Cannon is up 1155 
Very nice, Anthony. 1155 
Bass alignment 1155 
Unknown 1155 
It is just an extreme nearfield. 1155 
I feel the same way 1155 
Good eyes 1155 
Sorry 1155 
Thanks Jorge 1155 
Disagree of course... 1155 
Second stack is up 1121 
Yep, very nice. 1121 
Keeping Options Open 1121 
Two way 1121 
Room treatment 1121 
Vitavox midbass 59 
Good luck. 57 
Good to hear 57 
Vitavox Corner Horn 17 
Phase alignment of a corner horn? 14 
Corner Horn Bass 14 
"Bass" 14 
Bass subdivision 14 
Had a moment today... 12 
That is simply beautiful 12 
Create an integrity cheat-list. 11 
Do not even remember what year was it.... 11 
Tuning the horn 10 
It is simple, but... 10 
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