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Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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Six years of continuing(!) of listening.
Amy and I have different relationship with music on our phones. She is iPhone user and has enter 64G phone staffed with huge collection of classical repertoire. I am Driod user  and have just a handful downloaded recordings. One of the recording, I have to admit, I have been listening for 6 year, continuing and in many cased daily. The irony is that I might, and frequently do, listen this recording in loop many times over - I never get weary from it and I love it after a million times of listening as much as I loved it when I hear it for a first time. Below is the link, feel free to liten it. Do not play it on your big playbacks, this is phone-level listening recording. The recording is not commercially available, it is my own recording over the air of Boston Handel & Haydn Society playing one of their versions of the Requiem under baton of John Nelson.


This specific Nelson's Requiem is very much different from anything else out there. It has no girlishly-grave nastolrgy of Karajan, or celebrating supremacy of Scherchen,  or  super balancing of de Sabat's. In fact the Nelson's rendition of Requiem is super highway, almost Broadway-ish style. Still, the result it absolutely standing and it hypnotizes me tremendously.  This version of Requiem is pretty much my daily re-enforce that I have been sharing with you. Enjoy... 

Romy The Cat

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To Romy
Thank you for sharing from your collection.
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