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Topic: Six years of continuing(!) of listening.

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 07-30-2014
Amy and I have different relationship with music on our phones. She is iPhone user and has enter 64G phone staffed with huge collection of classical repertoire. I am Driod user  and have just a handful downloaded recordings. One of the recording, I have to admit, I have been listening for 6 year, continuing and in many cased daily. The irony is that I might, and frequently do, listen this recording in loop many times over - I never get weary from it and I love it after a million times of listening as much as I loved it when I hear it for a first time. Below is the link, feel free to liten it. Do not play it on your big playbacks, this is phone-level listening recording. The recording is not commercially available, it is my own recording over the air of Boston Handel & Haydn Society playing one of their versions of the Requiem under baton of John Nelson.,_Handel_&_Haydn_Society_under_John_Nelson,_2008.wav  

This specific Nelson's Requiem is very much different from anything else out there. It has no girlishly-grave nastolrgy of Karajan, or celebrating supremacy of Scherchen,  or  super balancing of de Sabat's. In fact the Nelson's rendition of Requiem is super highway, almost Broadway-ish style. Still, the result it absolutely standing and it hypnotizes me tremendously.  This version of Requiem is pretty much my daily re-enforce that I have been sharing with you. Enjoy... 

Romy The Cat

Posted by noviygera on 07-31-2014
Thank you for sharing from your collection.

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