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06-28-2010 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree

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New Sonus Faber
Romy's much expected Audio Demoronisator has finally seen the light of day, mounted on the rear side of Sonus Faber's new model:


More info here:



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06-28-2010 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
Romy the Cat

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Audio Demoronisator AD-2? Why not?

Yes, it is true – it looks like a move toward my Audio Demoronisator


However, I would like to see what and how Fenice does what it does. This new paper MF driver looks interesting. I would like to know what voice-coil of the “well hung” type means. If cause their Sound Field Shaper is the subject of interest. It looks like they, thank God, did not use any DSP be instead they use back-radiation and something else of they allow to control azimuth. It would be very cool if they run to each speaker two channel and use some kind of kinky passive mixing. It looks like they do not do it.

Of cause the direction is not something that I would consider perspective as any Sound Field Shaping must be doe my speaker positioning. Nevertheless, I think it worth to see what and how Fenice does and to see if the Fenice’s  ideas might be employed for less “universal consumer targeted” applications.

The Cat

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