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Selling Audio...

It is strange topic that I always had difficulties.  I have a storage filed with all possible audio goodies, starting from some exotic goodies that people would chaise on junk-years for years and ending with Jimmy Hoffa’s skeleton. It is not that anything is important in there and basically in there are two groups of things.

The first group is a minor group. It consist of he useful thing that I like, plan to use sometimes or juts backup of what I might need. The example might be 6 Vitavox 10/40 and 151 drivers, a few pairs of S2 drivers, 3 pairs of new Aura 1808 drivers, 3 pairs of new 515G drivers, Melquiades full rage, a few pairs of 10” red speakers, a lot of tubes, analyzers and other test equipment, Some, my custom enclosures, some spare parts for my current Playback, and so on.

The largest second group however is a pile of audio equipment that is residue of my past audio interests, the interests that went to nowhere. I really do not need all this crap but I have to admit that I have difficulties to get read of it. I do not sell audio for profit and people who know me know that if I sell something is it because I went over it and really do not like the thing. I know that people who sell for living would find it absurd but the older I become the more I have difficulties to sell the crap that I hate.

It is not that I am an overly ethical person, care about others or have some altruistic bias. The problem is that in some cases the busy are not idiots, ask right questions and I always face a dilemma to tell truth or to tell them what they what to hear. In my normal selling practice if person is not a Moron then I ordinarily trying to convince a person do not buy the thing from me. I made a number or people do not buy and it probably makes me to be a shitty sale-person.  There were times when I would like to get rid of something very aggressively and a buyer asked right questions. Those times I was pulling out of my ass some idiotic example, metaphors and justifications, the people like what they heard but felt like shit after then. Does it worse the money that I might reimburse by closing the sale? I do not know.

The same goes what people what to audition the thing that they want to buy. I sell only because I do not like how it sounds, do you want me to demonstrate how god it might be or why I hate it? I know audio and I know how to demonstrate both…

There is truly no point for this post. The point was yesterday when guy spoke with me over a phone and asked me why I sell a specific ital of my second group. I answered as I always would like to answer: because I hate how it sounds. He decided do not proceed. I did not go into explanation that the selling item will be a perfect sonic match to his expectations…

The moral of this story is that a sale that I might see useful is only very anonymous sale, with no communication with a perspective buyer. Otherwise I feel too much remorse and it does not worth money. In past I went over it by convincing myself that any person who buys crap from me is a republican anyhow, but recently it does not stimulate me anymore.

The caT

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07-09-2009 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
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One man's trash is another man's treasure?
The thing here is that while you may hate something, you are forgetting the perspective of where most audio enthusiasts approach this. Let us leave aside the issue that they might enjoy anything regardless of if it is good.  The important thing is to remember that they are not buying a philosophy or an entire system of doing audio, just a piece.  So, in the very limited parameters of their stereo systems as they exist, replacing a horrible piece of equipment with one that is bad but which brings the overall system into more balance is good.  In your system it would be a step backwards, but for them it would be a step forward.

An analogy would be a porterhouse steak. You can explain to them why this is not filet mignon and all its flaws. But the truth is that for the people eating McDonald's for many years, it is a big step up and it balances well with the collection of California Cabernet they have. I think you should not discourage people to buy a piece from you when it will balance their system and improve their quality of audio.

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