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Capturing live internet streaming
Over the years listening various iterant radio streams I accumulated some collection of public and some obscured and more clandestine bookmarks that I like to listen sometimes. They are 128K to 320K streams, some of them better or worse in term of audio quality but sometime they are very good music. Since the demise of FM broadcast culture in Boston a few years back I do not record any broadcast anymore but I have to admit that some of the internet streaming music is very good and I do not mind to have some of it recorded. 
So, the question is about the saving the internet streaming into a file. Most of the streams are in MP3 or AAC, which are unfortunately lossy and irreversible compressions to begin with, so any serious talks about audio quality is worseness in my view. Still, the various programs that are out there that can save the live stream to a file do own DSP processing and make the save file even worse than the live stream. So, I wonder if anybody know any analyses of review, or pariahs have own experience, looking into the various internet streaming saving programs.  I would like to save the streams as is without doing any conversion would it be rates, depth or compression algorithms. I also would like to be able to schedule the URL and the recording time. If anybody have any experience with it then I would applicate to hear from you.

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01-21-2020 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree

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I have used this for things that I wanted to schedule

The biggest disadvantage for me is that it does not work on Macintosh.

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