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Paul S
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Beethoven PC 5 Surprise Performance
I understand this is a "popular" piece of music (popular for classical music, anyway), but I never really got into it the way I did Brahms' PC 2 and a couple of others. But this piece came on my clock radio on a Sunday night, and I later learned it was done by Martin Helmchen with our local San Diego Symphony, under Jahja Ling. I tuned in at the adagio, and I quickly put in my ear buds and stayed up too late listening to the end of it. Was it something in my brain or was it something in the performance when this adagio somehow became its own piece of music, and I did not mentally connect it with Beethoven PC 5, until, of course, the main theme started up again in the 3rd movement.  I don't know this pianist at all, and I would not have thought I could get so swept away by our local orchestra, but it happened. I love times like this!

Paul S
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