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Romy the Cat

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Bach and kids…
A friend of my told another day that with kind are long nights but short years, it is amazingly accurate. In my family during those long nights, regardless he reasons we spend time in the kid’s bedroom, we play Bach. If it pretty much anything, would it be the Art of Fugue, the Goldberg‘s, the French Suites, the WTC, both of them… it is always Bach piano music. 
I always was huge admirer of Bach, what else in western music is more …musical, but with those kids it truly gives me a new feeling or I would say the new relation to Bach. As I hear Bach’s harmonies, particular the piano music, is makes me feel that it is the time of my children. It is almost like the smell of your woman. It is some kind of very low level Pavlovian reflexes that set very direct association between intellectual, ethical, esthetic and sensual connections and it is all in Bach music.  It is truly worth to have kids to get more appreciation of Bach….


"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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God !, they are growing so fast..
My friend who has two daughters told me that he is stealing every moment to be with them. He learns the names of trees , flowers, weeds  on the meadows and the bugs just to be able to have a conversation with the girls. He said that he turns his head and they are maturing and years are flying by and soon the connection they have will be lost , replaced by adult interactions. Bach suites or Art of Fugue would be a perfect soundtrack for those activities. He himself had a full house ..
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Thanks for the photo
I would say Bach or baroque is a better choice for young kids. I know when I was a kid (under 10) the only classical music I liked was Baroque. Everything else seemed unpleasant.
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