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Antonio J.
Madrid, Spain
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Online Music Store in Europe
I've been checking the links page in this site, also performed several searches on Google, but I can't find a shop where we purchased some rare and hard to find CDs, many of them by the Melodiya, Hungaroton, Lys, Boheme, Great Hall and Olympia labels, probably Tahra too . The store was located in some Central Europe country, maybe Czech Republic, Slovenia... I can't really recall. It's not JPC.de, nor https://www.zweitausendeins.de/, I don't think it was in Germany. It's rather likely that the URL had the "musik" word in it.The site pages had a beige or yellowish background colour, the page titles had a red-maroon-burgundy banner background, but I may be confusing it with previous Presto Classical design.
Any help will be appreciated, I'm looking for some recordings by the Borodin Quartet that would be a gift for a friend for his birthday.
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Rio de Janeiro, BR.
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Not what you are asking but...
Not what you are asking but I usually find good things at MusicStack (new and used). That is a portal to MANY stores around the globe.

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Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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Amazon or eBay.
Ironically nowadays you can by anything at Amazon or eBay. It used to be that Amazon was selling what they have and eBay sell some used things. Nowadays, their resellers sell anything imaginable just using their platforms. With most of the resellers you will find “new” Borodin Quartet and of you would like to get something better then you would need to go for Borodin Quartet from 60s, which might be out of print and available only as used CDs. The only problem when you fish at used CD market at the places like Amazon and eBay then you might get fake CDs.  You less likely you get them from small used CD resellers. However, there are large sellers of “new” CDs that claims the they “have a license” to duplicate CDs. They are fraudulent assholes and the produce truly garbage.

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Antonio J.
Madrid, Spain
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Thanks, but...
I'd still like to find that store, it was kind of cozy and entertaining to browse. I don't know how I lost the link and why I stopped checking it. My bad. Maybe it doesn't exist already.
I got a fake copy XRCD of a jazz album at Amazon. I try being careful but those scammers manage to sell us their crap. Sometimes the item description is a warning on itself.
I found almost what I was looking for at Discogs for a decent price. It's the 6CD edition with the 15 Quartets, all recordings are post 1960, but I've listened to the set and it's pretty good. I'd like finding the first recording by the original formation.
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