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The Hannes Kastner’ Toccata and Fugue, D Minor.
I have been fighting a minor war with my mother in-law. She plays to kids different kids music (Raffi and alike) what they sleep but I insist to play only Bach. While I was playing all possible Back music to my kids I came across a cheap CD “Master of Classical Music” dedicated to Back. It is Laserprit label and usually those type of collections have good music, performed by their echelon of musicians, usually bad eastern Europeans, not necessary because they are bad musicians but because the labels can get them to sell their right for very little money. 
So, I was casually listening this Laserprit 15802 CD, while putting Thomas to bed and suddenly I got shocked how great the interpretation of the celebrated Bach’s Toccata and Fugue D Minor was in there. The name of the organist Hannes Kastner says nothing to me but his reading of the Toccata is nothing short of spectacular. I was listening it perhaps 20 time and cannot believe how perfect it is. It is a VERY hard work to make all timing right and to equate the reverberations and decays, in fact in my mind no one ever made it right. Hannes Kastner has nailed it down just perfectly. I am very surprised that such a staining interpretation was released within this trashy collection.

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Seems good.
Is this is the same recording?


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