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Boston, MA.
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Winter storm & Casals
With another winter blizzard in progress here in Boston, I decided to listen to Pablo Casals playing the Bach cello suites. It seems suitable while watching the snow pile up on my window sill. Eric Silbin in his examination of the cello suites as played by Casals related and interesting story; "When Casal's was aked (then age 93) why he continued to practice the cello three hours a day, he replied; I'm beginning to notice some improvement."

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02-15-2015 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
Romy the Cat

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84.5” over 3 weeks with no melting…
Yep, the snow in Boston is kind of annoying this season. When I rill out my snow blower the last time it looked and me and said: “Come on, man!” BTW, talking about Casals… there was good show at local NPR about his cello: 
Anyhow, shoveling the snow I wonder when the son will grow up and would do it for me….


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