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Montreal, Canada
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A fresh take on 9th by the OSM
The 4th movement of Beethoven's was playing on the radio the other day and my ears perked up. I almost didn't recognize it at all. I was quite surprised to find out that it was performed by my humble local Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal and the characterful Kent Nagano waving the stick.
I did a little shuffling around and found out that it was recorded pretty recently and is packaged as the whole symphony with a performance of the poem "where have you gone my revolutionary friend?" by Yann Martel by way of introduction which is repeated after the finale in the original french.


The caveat is that so far i've only properly listened to the 4th movement. What i did hear was rather unusual. Most i've heard, from Furtwangler to Szell treat the finale as a a very constant piece, whole unto itself but the variation from passage to passage in this version is striking to the extent that you might wonder what you're listening to. There's a hymn like quality to this interpretation that you might find hinted at in other versions.

No idea how the CD sounds
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The deep canadian forests
Thank you, Dominic for this new (to me) link, music source and even radio ! Out of the deep canadian forest we received in the last 50 years some very nice music performances for our blue planet ! Smile 
One of my favourite conductors and great Bruckner performer, Guenter Wandt, might have had some reservation onto a too much deferred interpretation of the master's work.... 
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