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Romy the Cat

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Stravinsky and Headphones.

Is it only me or there is something more in it? I generally like headphones but can’t stand some music in them. For instance Stravinsky is absolutely boring in headphones and his music much opens islet up while paying it without headphones. Is it has to do with specific of image localization in headphones and Stravinsky’s music juts do not work out if it jump from the same bush? I am sure that people who “prefer” mono over stereo would not agree with me. I think I need to find some Stravinsky’s mono recordings and try them…

Is it just Stravinsky or is it more typical for 20 century music Stravinsky-like avantgarde music?

The Cat

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12-07-2008 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
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I am inclined to think it has more to do with the dynamic impact of sound through space and pressing against your body, instead of just your ears. I have always felt Stravinsky to be a very physical experience.

And I do like the mono recordings, but mostly because I like the older records that were made when there was no stereo yet. It seems the closer the recording was made to the actual source the more dynamic. You have to admit surely a similar preference for a 1A pressing?

To other modern classical composers, I think it varies from composer and piece to piece. Carl Vine for example I have no problem listening to either way. However, Penderecki is dynamic and spacious and sort of demands the stereo instead of headphones.

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