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Records Box Stuffing

With recent popularity of music servers (as Jessie noted in music servers thread) people develop certain ignorance and indifferent to the material they play. When I say indifference I mean the very specific apathy that very directly contradicts my very objective of audio “hobby”. As I said multiple times before I do not collect records and do not collect music but I rather I collect events. This I why I feel that copying bought CD to music servers is irrelevant task - because a file on hard-drive is not an event and copying  a file does not create event.  An event that I am interested is a historical, cultural, musical or evolutionally happening when different things come together and give birth of a new level of understanding, or at least crated opportunity for this understanding.

Even running music server the virtual “Records Box” takes place if the recording events are managed by the music server owner. Among hundreds recordings that I made off the air I know stories about the recordings, I know the stories of my live and I know how those life performing evens mapped to anything else I know and feel about music.

Of course, there is nothing, absolutely nothing stay even close in the opportunity for Box Stuffing then LP albums. I own many amassing Box Stuffing examples. I do not stuff my own boxes but I do very much deal with stuffed boxed by others. Some formers LP owners went to great extend to staff boxes and in many instances to follow them is like reading somebody’s novel. If the person was interesting then to read the Box Stuffing narrative might be incredibly interesting.

I like when provisos owners of the record boxes “worked” with recordings. I love when they write their thoughts about the music, made markings and comments in librettos, stuff the box with remarks, review and articles from media of their time. I do not do it with records but do the same with books – I have few selected boos that I re-read coastally for years and they are all heavily commented on margins. Sure, in many instances the heavily stuffed and “worked with” box set is an indication that the records were played a lot but it is another subject…

Juts for a sake of illustration her is good example of Box Stuffing. Erich Leinsdorf was a musical direction of BSO in 60s when John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  BTW, if you never heard it then follow with WGBH Brian Bell’s narrative with the clip of Leinsdorf makes a live announcement in Symphony Hall informing the audiences that Kennedy juts was shot.


In 1964 I was not born yet…. 30 years  later I bought a box set for $7 with recording of Leinsdorf leading BSO with Mozart’s Requiem for JFK's memorial service. The play of the Requiem was not overly special from musical perspective but there was the box itself. The box was staffed with tone of incredible interesting read: articles from 1963 about the assassination and about the memorial service concerts, letters from the members of the former box owner’s family that talk about impact of Kennedy death in Boston and how they heard the news, the photographers from 1964’s, including the images from the memorial service. I mean this entire set atmosphere to be very special and convert an ordenary records spinning into a very different experience…

BTW, my appreciation for Box Stuffing is something that makes me to record FM broadcast in their entirely, with introductions, announcements, applauds, follow ups , interviews, even advertising… that all is a past of live the event  atmosphere (would it be musical or broadcasts event) atmosphere and I like to have the  atmosphere  as wide as possible… The LP albums Box Stuffing served the very same purpose…

The Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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