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Paul S
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A[nother] Cautionary Tale of analog maintenance
You might think I'd learn by now, but over the last two days I have traced sonic problems to the following:  Dirty pins on one of the tubes in my phono stage; Loose counterweight set screw/too-heavy VTF; Loose cartridge mounting screw/ weird (tangent) angle; Loose VTA adjustment set screw/floating arm base.

I leave it to your imaginations how any or all of this affected the sound I was getting.  Suffice to say, it was not good, and I was actually stressing more after I found the causes than before because I really hate to think all these things somehow got away from me all at once.

But how did all this stuff get loose in the first place?  Who knows?  I can see where I probably left the VTA adjustment set screw loose the last time I used it, because I adjust VTA fairly often.  But I have never touched the other stuff since I set it all up and went over it twice six months ago, and furthermore I got 6 months or so out of it with no problems...

Oh, well...

Anyway, I went over all my connections and tube pins today, and I busted out the cartridge alignment template and got that squared away and got all the set screws nice and snug.

Mystery not solved, but problems taken care of.

Too bad the electricity was bad, because the sound was otherwise good again.

Best regards,
Paul S
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