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Double enclosure or using walls.
If I may be forgiven for knowing next to nothing about audio, may I ask what are the principal objections to making  *the room* the enclosure of a loudspeaker, i.e. integrating the  drivers directly into the wall as is done here - http://www.wallsofsound.co.uk - and thereby removing one of the two enclosures generally thought to be ineliminable.

The reason for asking is that there are obvious *commercial* reasons why one would not want to do it, so the fact that noone is doing it is not enough of an argument against the idea.
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Romy the Cat

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The difference between lounge music and serious music.


There is nothing wrong in what those guys propose and there is nothing wrong in in-wall to mount drivers in infinite baffle configuration. In fact it very much interesting idea to build a custom room with a strange shape where wall most favorable be shaped for sound formation in this room. However, how it is usually is done is just a sound for lounge audio and for lounge music. You are sitting is bar, crewing sandwidges and drinking mango juice, and trying to convince your girl-friend in 432 times that it is “not good time” for you to marry her. Meanwhile 150 feet from you on the stage a Liberal Art School of Music drop out plays some gipsy tunes on unturned cello, accompanied by drunk friend with Casio keyboard. That is a lounge musical experience and what the regular wall-mounting audio produce is good enough to support it. I do not mean to say that all lounge music is bad – have witness some stunning lounge music events but all lounge audio objective are not really serious. There are zillion reasons why and I think that if you are “knowing next  to nothing about audio” then to discovery those reasons might be a good journey for you.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Possibility vs reality
Hi Romy,

Very many thanks for your comments. I suppose it may be - as you seem to imply - that the kind of room for which it might theoretically work well would not be a room anyone would want to be in. Anyhow, I can take the other reasons I come to think of in time as a measure of how far I've gone down that particular journey, though I am not confident of approaching a zillion, try as I might.

Best, D
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