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The new CEC TL1 transport and DAC

Srajan have mentioned at his News Page (the only resource worth reading at his site) that a new CEC TL1N transport and CEC DX1N DAC become available, well available in civilized countries like Poland not in the countries were the fucked up distributors and whorish “journalists” run the show…


Anyhow, I had 3 CEC TL1 in past and I remember it was interesting transport, not without problems but still very interesting from some perceives. Even the CEC TL0, the transport that is light miles away from the general CD transport awareness was not able to do “some” aspect of the TL1. I called the TL1 as “opera transport”… The CEC DACs were also very nice. The Parasound in 2000 marketed some of their brand of DACs where some of them were in fact the CEC DACs. They were dirt cheap but surprisingly good.

So, it looks like a new generation of the CEC 16-bit digital and from what I can see on the images it has brand new boards and perhaps it “might” be a new circuitry. Srajan does a good job to discover hose things around the world and it would be fun if him and his writing pets world publish some sensible comments about the new CEC transport and DAC instead of their typical undemandable desire to keep each industry bitch happy and to dump to readers the site gallons of sophomoric bushtit that juts run out of the ass of the pink dinosaur Barney.

Rgs, The Cat

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