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Sydney, Australia
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In appreciation of Koshka
Finally done! 
A journey that took a total of 11 years after coming across this forum and seeing the Melquiades posts and schematic. Koshka has a beautiful body and will live on in my SET implementation of a 4 box solution. Here is the left channel power supply section which is mirror of the RH.
My thanks to Romy for sharing his Melquiades journey and the schematic so graciously with fellow enthusiasts through this forum.
Note how in true mischievous fashion Koshka is showing her independence and walking away from the scene. RIP Koshka!

Koshka PS.jpg
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Romy the Cat

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Tax, I do not even know how to express what I feel. I few days ago my yonder son told me that he wants to be an astronomer. As I asked him why he told me that he wants to discover his own start and to call it “I love my Daddy”. I know it is sentimental but that was 230% more fun then to listening a plasma tweeter driver by cold-fusion reactor. Indeed, it is wonderful memory of my Koshka, thank you very much. Now, how does it sound and what you drive with it?

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Sydney, Australia
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How does it sound?
 Romy the Cat wrote:
Now, how does it sound and what you drive with it?

I own or have owned a number of amplifiers with valves before this, Pathos Twin Towers, Audion, Audio Note, Jadis etc. One of my friends who has the same Avantgarde Acoustics speakers is using Lamm ML2.1's and after listening to his system and the deep bass I was always looking to improve this area which I found lacking in my Audio Note Conquest Silver Signature amplifiers. They simply did not have the "grip" that the Lamm's have on the bottom end. My front end was the Micro Seiki 5000 with flywheel and FR66s, 64s and DV507 mkii arms which have good foundation so I knew that I needed to get out of parallel single ended 300B territory.
 So I began thinking of the Lamm sound when I came across the "Melquiades' posts which was very interesting as this gave me an impression that you had "unlocked" something extra (even better) than the ML2 sound which got me very excited. Of particular interest to me at the time was that you were not an "arm chair critic" one of these people who theorize on things they have not experienced themselves. I like people who put their money where their mouth is 😀 A bit like those who have loved, lost and found a better love.... so your discontent with the Lamm sound and that you had found more was very intriguing.
So how does it sound? Best 13 watts of linear and structured sound waves I have ever heard. I sold my Audio Note amps 7 years ago and have never felt that I am missing anything. 
The Melquiades SET will not suit everyone as the rest of the system needs to be clean and very efficient. For those willing to go down this route it will be very rewarding.

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