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Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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It is Miracle
Driving home today and was listening in radio the enumeration of the closing schools, canceled events due to the virus that all sounded like it has some harmonics…  I was digging in my mind and was trying to rectal what music is associates with. Suddenly I got it. I have heard that decadent, dilapidating and surreal mood.   I love the Roger Waters’ album from 1992 “Amuse to Death”. The song “It is Miracle” is the best describe the situation today.   

“By the grace of God Almighty
And pressures of marketplace
The human race has civilized itself”

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Iran Tehran
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I Love this album
sometimes a piece of art (like this album) make me feel it is part of me 

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