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The fantastic Lucas Debargue
The last week Amy played BPO concert. A part of program was Liszt’s second piano concerto, that typically hated but I always liked it.  I did not have a lot of expectation but what I witnessed made me to feel that I just experienced the best alive pianist I ever heard. It was Lucas Debargue. I do not know a lot about him but his play was nothing short of stunning. It is very much known that I do not like many of contemporary players who have spectacular piano techniques but questionable taste, very questionable underling reasoning and to a great degree play not music in pure form but rather demonstrate facades of musical expressions. With  Lucas Debargue it is so much different and each of his notes or silence are so much thoughtful and so much meaningful that I was absolutely shocked how this treasure was able to appear in our times of “globalized piano playing”. I would say that since Josef Hoffman I hardly heard anything comparable in piano to Lucas Debargue. Josef Hoffman is long gone but Lucas Debargue is coming to towns near you….

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There is an interesting Lucas Debargue documentary on Medici tv (subscription required)
If you're interested, there is a documentary "Lucas Debargue: To Music" produced by Martin Mirabel on Medici tv.  He is very articulate (euh French but there are subtitles). Wise beyond his years: "On n'est pas interessant par soi-meme" ("One is not interesting merely as a result of one's self"). And humble with it. The documentary follows him over the course of a year. Best, Rakesh 

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