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Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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In interesting new company in Munich: Jo Sound.
Looking at what was presented in Munich High End 2018 I found one company that picked my interest. It is Jo Sound. I think they are in UK.  
There are two comments the I would like to make. The demonstrated B3 loudspeaker that I find is spectacular. Nope I do not have a lobotomy and I still feel that any acoustic system that is based upon an 8” yellow driver if it crossed under 400Hs is a garbage suited to play only sound no more complex than of monkey squirrelling and only no louder than 90dB. From this perspective the new Jo Sound’s B3 loudspeaker should be garbage as well and it is undoubtably is. Still. If you are in the single driver camp and the sound of “a little girl with banjo” is all the you can get from music and then the B3 loudspeaker, in my mind, a perfect illustration how the things should be done. It is very intelligently made. It is very attractive and overwalk it might be a very product. Again, if you can stand this sound 

Another interesting aspect is the Jo Sound ‘s R.M. re-mastering technology 
Generally, those algorithms of improving, prediction and extrapolation at digital level are very bad. They do improve sound but destroy more important parts of music fabric. I do not know what Jo Sound does with it and I do want to hear it on my own. It is a bit sad that Jo Sound run in single-driver parallel universe, that in my mind does says something about the Jo Sound’s hears and heads but I would not automatically dismiss it.

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
05-19-2018 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
Paul S
San Diego, California, USA
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Good Examples/Marketing, Anyway
Well, they managed to find program that highlights their products' good qualities in this situation, all right, which is more than one can say about other, similar product marketers.  Not enough to overcome my inner skeptic yet, but this has gotten my attention, as well, and I would certainly like to hear more "randomly chosen" program via these products.  Mahler 3, perhaps?  Just kidding, but it might be interesting to shake out the algorithm and the speakers.

Paul S
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