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Romy the Cat

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I am not a Nostradamus, I am better.
A good 10-15 years back, when I was still socializing with some Hi-End audio folks from former USSR they had a wave of enthusiasts who made different audio devises employing what I call dark forces of audio reproduction: the torsion fields organizers, sub-consciousness stimulators, beta-intensityficators, star-stimulators, negative frequency ranges and alike. In 2004 I even had one of their guys who was more sensible then others build for me a pair of none-sonic transducers, something that I in past referred as X-channel of Macodno. The projects never made to my home but it was interesting time to talk with those peoples. Even I found that most (not all) of the Russians I heard at that time were quite barbaric in musical and cultural sense but it indeed was very stimulating to think and to read about “other side” of audio, something that was not observable in West.
It is nice to see that Western Hi-Fi Audio begin to explore the underground. It was nice to read in PF that van den Hul made commercially some kind of Extender that takes a side view at music reproduction: 
I have absolutely no opinion about neither the Extender nor the Robinson writing. However, I would like foresee what will be coming next. I am not a Nostradamus, I am better. The Nostradamus’ predictions were cryptic, mine are not. So, here is what will be coming next.  
Sometimes in a few months/years someone of the “big” names audio reviewers will figure out that to keep pitching to the audio stooges the same old crap is wearing thin and they decided to jump a board of status quo  sales and will introduce the audio subscribers to alternative ways, sort of “new age” of audio. I am pretty much know who the reviewer/editor/publication will it be and I very much know what will be coming next. The “thin field” of audio researches and experiments will be wrapped up into new fabricated BS marketing spiels and anything worthy will be packaged and pre-sold long before the worth be understood. The torsion cable elevators, time-condensing fuses and beta -gyroscope amplifiers will be coming… courtesy of your beloved caring about you audio professionals who put own time and talents to benefit you.

Romy The Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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The Quantum version.
I will wait for the Quantum version of that...

Seriously, that thing (and the explanation) seem something people saw as the future in 50's.

Synergistic Research was already working around those kind of enchantment products for while, but they are still in the passive domain. I gues they need to do a Quantum Leap now:





Think for yourself, do not be sheep.
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