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Romy the Cat

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About the (secret) rules of 'audio reviewing' by Arthur Salvatore
A site visitor send me a link from Arthur Salvatore and told me that Arthur think along my lines: 
Well, yes and now. For sure to a great degree I agree with Arthur’s comments and I would add a few more that would expose the industry from it even more uglier angle. The angle, where cultured and to a degree the industry participating Arthur would not go himself. I have much more ruthless judgment about many things that Arthur is trying to express.  
Still the biggest differences is not there. From my point of view Arthur, in his own way, very much inherited and continue the best industry tradition, the tradition that I absolutely abhor: to facilitate writing for reader’s benefits.   
The “professional audio writing human waste” and Arthur in a way do the same thing: to write for the benefits of general audio public and express own experience as some kind of unsolicited audio help dedicated to public. I hate this approach tremendously, not only in audio. An author in my view writing about audio must to write only about himself, his interests, his ways, his thoughts. Audio playback, at least the high end playback, is explicitly individualistic activity, serves only the person’s own objectives. There are no capstans, gurus, leaders or even needs for them, it is all bout own discoveries of how own inner-you reacts to external sonic sensation and how to make audio tools to serve this purpose.
Audio writers do not write about themselves and do not write about own inters, objectives and means but they write about products, trying to convince other that they are valuable tools. Reading the stupid audio writers is like you are at the wishing boat in the mid of Atlantic and suddenly some kind of idiot contact you and insist that you have to by a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes for your fish and schedule emergency  proctology exam for your boat. They get “inspiration” when they get a new piece of audio equipment and they try to excrete from own feeble imaginations new ways to sell the cap to public. What a pathetic and unfortunate duty!!!  
Or cause peoples might have specific questions and even a wide range of interests and some people have exercise in the field and it is not a problem when the questions inspire explanation. I for years practice at my site a policy that if I see a sensible person who formulates a sensible question, indicating that he care about SUBJECT then I always follow it up with respect. I discard the others and internet waste, and it is a majority of them. What I am trying to say that audio-rating should be interest-centric not products-centric or any other commodity-centric. Arthur has his virtual argument with the idiots who do not practice audio other than commodity-centric discipline and I think it is lost battle.  
Nowadays, there are plenty of clips at YouTube from the sophomoric questions asking “audio journalists”, who go to the audio-reviewers homes and talk with them. Listen what they say about themselves and own relation to audio and you will feel the need to wash your ears with chlorine.   
So, I feel that Arthur Salvatore is very much play on the fields of the enemy in order to be clean on the “battle”.

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Paul S
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If You Hear What You See...
Then the pictures are worth at least 1,000 words:


Paul S
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