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WE15a plans
we are going to build 3 pairs of WE15a horns. Where can we get good plans ? What we have found is only a blue print, but that plan is hard to read.
Many thanks
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First 3D views
here the first 3D drawings
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WE horn build
Looking forward to your progress, always something I have wanted to try.
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Interesting exercize in carpentry...
How can a horn like this even get close to time aligned? Mount a tweeter 5 feet behind the mouth of this horn?
 I mean if it is only being built to play loud and without any advanced sonic requirements, then it is of limited interest here.
I have never seen or heard of a WE15a installation even close to interesting from a home or theater playback standpoint

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And what to do with those horns?
I tend to agree with rowuk. The WE horns are great to load the WE drivers and if the drivers are good, like 594A for instance then the result might be truly great (of one do not know anything better). However, the greatness of the result is good ONLY given driver application. No one said that with slightly different demands and slightly different applications the result might not be better. Pay attention I was talking about individual channels only as none of the WE horns are suitable for multichannel installation with more or less modern demands. I might understand when people are falling in love with this or that compression driver and are trying to replicate it. I do not understand why people are trying to imitate vintage horns that in most of the cases are faulty.

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