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Lab JC
Here is some refreshing "Audio Attitude" from someone who has been in the "doing" end of the business.


Between the lines it also offers some insite into what Silbatone Korea has been doing.

Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.
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Paul S
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The Long Way Home
Robin, to be honest, this seems like a real grind to me, like reading Madame Blavatsky. Could you highlight the good parts, and I will try again, based on that? I think I would have to hear something that interested me from Silbatone before I could plow through it. I would also stay away from the NOS WE437 tubes, if only to keep my sanity; I'm already brain-fried from 6SN7s and 6922s. I can't shake the sense that some people are charmed by obscurity, in and of itself.

Best regards,
Paul S
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Romy the Cat

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No JC Lab interest for me.
rowuk , JC Morrison has been going it for years and has some following at the people of Joe List type.  I have paid attention to what they do/say and consider them "Manhattan White Trash" with all consequential concussions. Wife hates this expression but I guess she needs to live with it, however what is more important it sets the level of expectations that I have to those people, despites of the fact that some of them might be good and sensible engineers. With Morrison personally I had only one interaction when he suddenly without knowing me began to dump a bunch of fictional dirt about me in response of my luck of support about something that their Joe Roberts was selling at that time. It is not that I care too much what they sell, say or do but I feel that life is too short to waste it on the fucking idiots who insist to behave like idiots. I do not know what Morrison says in his audio saying but the only introduction to me that he had he chosen to declare himself as Roberts'  Tampax tampons, well that is the place where he will remain.

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Aboout the "Article"
Generalizations are Hideous, and there is nothing else in the article
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