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Romy the Cat

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Dreams about Audio
I need to admit that I see a lot of dreams. Some of them interpretable, some of them are memorable and sane and some of them of course make me sorry that I use to rear too much Franz Kafka in my childhood. It is fun to make attempt to interpret the dreams as in many instances they are subconscious and metaphoric expression of thoughts or whatever… This is quite ordinary things. One way or another, the meaning of the dreams is like lottery – sometime it fun to see how close you get…

Of cause I would not mention the subconscious beginning of dreams at my site if I would not look on dreams from audio angle. I do sometime have musical dreams, that I would keep undisclosed and I do, not frequently but do have some audio dreams. The subject of audio dreams is the subject of this thread and I would invite the people who feel that they have interesting audio dreams to share what they were.

The reason I making this post is become this nigh I have a strange audio dream. I was buying a new house and was running across the Open Houses. What however was very interesting that each time I enter the new house a big crowd of people met me, undress me and begin to tape with reel-to-reel tape. As I was physically incapacitate with miles of reel-to-reel tape over my body they left me in the houses on the floor and walked away. With a few minutes they return and asked me if I want to buy the house. It happed again and again… Thanks God I woke up….

Interesting…. We are not on real estate market and there is no subject to move foe us for now. Where all those sentiments about real estate and reel-to-reel tape as some kind of metaphorical restrictive confinement come from? I need to sell one burn out tube and to buy one hour with a psychologist …. :-)

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Studer 827
The dream situation would work out well if they left you with a Studer 827 with a great library of 2 inch masters.
Best to you,zz.
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