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Romy the Cat

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How to organize files within DAW
We all remember as 15-20 years ago we all devised own individual approaches how to organize thousands of CD and LPs within our shelves.  It is not that the problem went away but nowadays a new problem, similarly unresolved, arrived: how to organize hundreds and thousands files within our DAW’s hard drives. So, what is your best practice you use/observe and is any shortcuts you have developed for yourself?

Romy the Cat

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Well, I do it manually and I use folders. While the usual arrangement is by period then composer you can also place shortcuts within a folder for cross-referencing, eg a folder 'Mozart Piono Concerto, Clara Haskil' can contain a shortcut to a 'Pianists' folder.
I don't have many disks stored on a HDD and it's mostly for archive purposes.

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