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Romy the Cat

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Elgar conducts Elgar.

What a beauty of FM life in Boston! The WHRB ran a week-long  (53 hours) Sir Edward Elgar Orgy and today, at the end of the programming they broadcasted a cycle of the Elgar’s own conducting of his own. What a grate dissent in time and into the mind of the great conductor. The quality of Sound was also very high. What a luck!!!

  • Symphony No. 1 in A-flat, Op. 55, London Symphony Orchestra
  • Violin Concerto in b, Op. 61; Menuhin, London Symphony Orchestra
  • Falstaff, Symphonic Study, Op. 68, London Symphony Orchestra
  • Symphony No. 2 in E-flat, Op. 63, London Symphony Orchestra
  • Cello Concerto in e, Op. 85; Harrison, London Symphony Orchestra
  • Sir Adrian Boult talks with Elgar’s daughter, Carice Elgar, Blake, about the Enigma Variations
  • Variations on an Original Theme, "Enigma," Op. 36; Royal Albert Hall Orchestra


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Re: Elgar conducts Elgar.
Listened to as much as I could. We in Boston are lucky people indeed, to have such programming.

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