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Pono & Meridian - another hi-resolution effort
Neil Young and Meridian are launching yet another digital "high resolution" business:


So one could choose either.

(1) a (maybe) higher resolution file using the inexpensive (?) Pono DAC/headphone amp (that yellow thing) or

(2) a lower resolution file with his own DAC/ playback chain

Seems like an illogical proposition although I would expect Meridian will try to license the system, a concept we have seen before a few times I think. Actually Meridian just released this year a cheap small DAC and a portable DAC-headphone amp which I believe can be updated with new firmware via the Internet, so that might be one path. 

Can anyone come up with a reason this new format will succeed (market question). 

Reminds me of the HDCD I accidentally purchased past month (I didn't notice the HDCD label and didn't know much about the format anyways). The lower resolution track was terrible. I don't have the hardware to access the "better" tracks so have no opinion there. This HDCD went straight to the recycling bin.  

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Star Power?
Scooter, I wish Mr. Young took the same interest to ensure sound quality at his own concerts!  Sure, the guy is an "artist", but he is also a loose cannon, so no reason to suspect there is really anything behind all of this except an idea with some seed money.

While I have not really given up on the ultimate digital, I do not hold my breath, either.  Every new format brings with it at least the prospect of having to "convert" existing digital files, and this - for me, anyway -  has been to the ultimate sonic detriment of any and every "converted" file I have subsequently heard.

Your challenge was to come up with a reason why this will succeed in the "marketplace".  Well, I think it is probably dead in the water for simple, logistical reasons. Meanwhile, it appears that Neil Young fails to remember that the music men don't want him around, anyhow.

Best regards,
Paul S
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