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Graphene for Audio
See link below for some marketing hype relating to the audio potential for graphene. Somewhat interesting title given the mediocre performance of modern (all) headphones. But new technologies always hold some future hope: 
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Paul S
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20 Hz from "5 mm Diameter"???

Any ideas about what sort of weight and/or strength/ and/or damping advantages over previous diaphragm materials we are talking about?  Of course they would need larger diaphragms and significant audible results before I would agree that this material outperforms something else.

Headphones -  as a genre -  are something else again.  I'm hopeful but not at all convinced that lighter diaphragm materials will solve the major problems with headphones.

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Wow! I had no idea such things are now published on arXiv! It has grown a lot from only fundamental physics.
Will read the paper, thanks scooter

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Odd methodology
The odd thing about the paper is that they do not try to show their initial design could actually be better than the commercial offering. They could have improved the measurement of their device or else exposed the Sennheiser diaphragm and measured its velocity with LDV. It is not going to be cheaper, so it has to be better... 
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