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New CubeAudio Tractrix Horns and Fullrange Drivers
Hello to all Good Sound Club Members, and special thanks to Romy The Cat.  
We are a Polish audio company started in 2011. 
For now we have two tractrix horns available - 400 Hz and 600 Hz. Next week we also should have 115 Hz horns ready (90 Kg each), and we are also working on 900 Hz horn as well. 
All of our horns are made of polymer-concrete, have a plain surface on both sides (ceramic like look) and are manufactured for an individual order. We can provide any throat size, and driver mounting ring according to a driver specification. Standard finish of the horns is black or white, but we can provide a high glossy finish in any color (RAL palette).

We have also available CubeAudio fullrange drivers. Very interesting ones. 

More information is available on our website:   http://www.cubeaudio.eu/ , or in our ebay store:  http://stores.ebay.pl/cubeaudio-eu   

We will be more than happy to answer all the questions about our horns and drivers.

Here are some photos:

Tractrix 600 Hz

Tractrix 400 Hz

Fullrange F155

Fullrange F180
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