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Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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The industry’s high quality recordings.
It is amassing how idiotically-predicable the recording industry is. Industry is not a subject but Industry is compilation of individual peoples - presumably idiot - as by their efforts we have what we have. I would not criticize the quality of recording generally – we all know what is going on and it was plenty said about it. I would like to mention only one specific aspect – the industry recording with high quality audio accent.

You all know the feeling. You go to music store and find some obscure recording of the work you like by a performer that you do not know. You read the bullet that comes with CD. It had 12 pages, first 6 pages of them told who Bach for instance was and what size of boobs the violist has who is trying to play it. The second 6 pages describe in great details the recording techniques and the equipment was used. It is not even about the naming of A/D processor or name of the person who edited (means vandalized) the file. They mention even the fact that the microphone cables were on loan from some kind of company and monitoring speakers had name “anniversary” and “memorial” in them. I am sure we all see those recording and I am sure that you have bought them.

What amazes me is how absolutely identical sound you get from ALL of those recordings. It is always horrible play – the perfumes in ALL of those CD is beyond and criticisms – it is just laughable. The Sound however is totally different animals – it is not just bad – it is pathologically horrible. All of those recordings has insultingly-up-close microphones  and the harmonics so “expedited”  that it feels like you chewing dry sand.  This is exactly the Sound that audio publications advertise and “high-end quality” and it is so sad…

If the people put themselves in the position of authorities and express familiarity with the subject at horribly-uninformed level then they do not need to be criticizes but they need to be imprisoned , executed or have their hand cut off in order they were not able to continue to continue harm. In any other profession if a professional is uninformed and the result of his/her action the outcome is unusable then the person will have very sever retribution for his actions. Think about doctors, pilots, architects, cooks, and anyone who can imagine. Why the idiots who reproduce our music are different? In particularly the idiots who charge premium and who make own career to furnish the higher quality recording? If you go in a restaurant and informed that you might pay more and have much better burger.  You go with it and your family dies poisoned by the burgers. Do you think you need to be polite with the cook?

The Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Paul S
San Diego, California, USA
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His Master's Voice
I best love the guy with a 200k system and maybe 100 recordings that are just as you describe!

Apparently, there will always be a market for the 150k TT and the 30k up-sampling DAC to play the Audiophile recordings.

Last week, a friend who's in The Business stopped by and he shared a WAV file played straight from his i-Pad
into my pre-amp.  As I "listened" patiently, I realized that this is the near the top of the modern, digital food
chain, and actually far "better" than what most people listen to these days.

Well, eff 'em.  I guess they get what they want, and also what they deserve.

Does this make us the latest generation of Vintage Sufferers?

Paul S
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