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Romy the Cat

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The Hand Clapping by Frank Berryman
Frank Berryman posted an article on his sit:


… although Mr. Berryman is trying to address some typical idiocies that Jonathan Valin expressed but I think Frank is also pedagogically mistaken on all counts. Who would point out the mistakes in Frank Berryman essey?

The Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Interesting that all audiophiles talk about music
This statement bothers me..."Let’s deal first with the definition of the absolute sound. It is, quite simply, the sound of acoustic instruments during a live performance in a specific performance space"
First of all absolute sound has nothing to do with music. Sound has nothing to do with music. Reproduction of THE sound has nothing to do with music. There was sound long before there was music and and long before humans walked around. And because music is sound arranged in time and space, any proper sound system must only be able to play the SOUND as close to the original sound. Then it will play music fine. 
I just don't agree with any concept that ties a good sound system with reproduction of music. It must be tied to reproduction of sound. After this assessment of the article's main fault everything that follows becomes a faulty arguments.
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Behind The Sun
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Audiophile ...what?
Well, the first mistake from Mr. Berryman is the opening with something from this ultra stupid, corrupt Valin. Normally, a slap into the face of the last surfing cell in the human brain...Next mistake from him is, he write about Audiophiles like normal human beings...  a real Audiophile has no idea from anything, his only goal is to spend money and - or - to blubber around. When he would understand what he hears, we wouldn't have such endless awful sounding units which are all in Class A ratings....Next mistake, Audiophiles do their ultimate choice on subjective preferences .... what has this to do with his writing about Live events?What is an ultimate choice from an Audiophile? Ultimate - but expensive, polished - BS?

Kind Regards
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A physical impossibility
"... what audiophiles are trying to accomplish is the reproduction of the sound of a live event in their homes."

The reproduction of the sound of a live event in a house is a physical impossibility. It's like trying a reproduce 3-dimensional space on a flat screen TV. But in the same way that you can create a good illusion of 3D space on a TV, you can create a good illusion of a live event in your house and achieve a similar emotional response to that which you'd have if it really were a live event in the venue. Now, is all that is required just 'transparent' components? I suspect not.

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