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New source for old tuners
Lot's of discussion about radio and tuners lately, so I'll throw in my 2 cents...

I live on top of a hill in Seattle.  Still the reception is sketchy, and I was seeking a temporary solution until I put an antenna on my roof.  Yesterday, the cable guy came to my home to fix the broadband service.  While he was there, I asked him to install cable TV (first time I had TV in over 10 years!), then casually mentioned if he "knew" anyone interested in doing a side job, running the coax from my basement to my roof, so that I can mount an antenna and listen to my tuner.  He told me it is unnecessary because the cable company re-broadcasts FM on the cable system!  So I just input the signal into my tuner, and now have a passable signal.  But he also told me that with the premium cable service, I can also feed the tuner with all of those digital music channels.

So I am getting acquainted with using my cable operator as a FM source, and have not decided if the signal is getting mangled by the cable plant, compared to over-the-air.  I still have a crazy idea to mount a yagi antenna on my roof and point it north to try and receive the Vancouver, BC radio stations.  Vancouver is over 100 miles from Seattle, but the stations are much more interesting, including multiple classical stations, jazz, and French and Chinese stations.

I have a couple of tuners.  I like my Sansui TU9900 enough that I purchased a second.  On the other hand, the mint condition MR74 I have sounds a bit thin.  Maybe it is broken, or maybe this is the way it sounds.  And if aesthetics are important, than the Mac is pretty nice.  Now, if I can only get it to sound as sweet as it looks....

I'm looking forward to getting the premium service, to try all the classic stations.  Anyone here capturing FM signals from their cable operator? 
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