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The French Alps
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I built this device
A 192 24 bit  capable DAC and a little dedicated Linux PC to play the stuff... Apparently I spit out whatever the recording is recorded in frequency & bit wise and this DAC does whatever to make something approaching analogue.

So it's err... better than my old mission CD that I almost never listen to...  However the "Hi-rez" tracks that I have so far downloaded do not fill me with joy.  The best digital tracks so far are the 2 Firebird recordings from turntables... as posted on this forum :-O   I marginally prefer Romy's TT than the other one, but both are mighty good. 

So anyway I digress.  I'm changing from Analog Devices op-amps to Tx I/V stages (Sowter) in the hope I make a huge leap by removing unnecessary circuitry, but I ain't holding my breath.

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