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Romy the Cat

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Audio equipment vs. live orchestra

 zako wrote:
l find that the posessions of grand audio equipment never came close to the presentation of a live full orchestra concert

I am sure you have seen zillion of the similar comments and many discussions on the subject at numerous online-forums and publication. I think all of them, including “zako” are missing the point. The point is, in my view, that comparing like that is not exactly right question to ask in the realm of real audio.

The “presentation of a live full orchestra” is a myth from audio perspective. The “presentation of a live full orchestra” is not a constant property but a variable moderated by reflection of our perception. It also moderated by many listening conditions. When we listen a recording at some kind “grand audio equipment” we do not compare presentation of a live full orchestra to the sound of our room but rather we compare the sound of our rooms to the sound of our expectations. Sure, a live orchestra does have own “presentation” but do we really engage that presentation during our attending of live events?

From all intended purpose I heard the truly great, transcendent sound from life full orchestra perhaps 5-6 times in my live. It does not happen frequently. I had much more transcendent experiences when I was listening audio, no necessary “grand audio”, just audio. Did I have during those audio sessions the “presentation of a live full orchestra concert”?  I very much do not think so but was it important for me?

Audio is independent and self-contained file of human expression and it is not a slave of live sound. When we read a great book we do not complain that we do not feel the wind of the tornado destroying the house. When we look at great painting we do not complain that depicted file does not burn out fingers. We consume metaphors from powerful artistic expressions and we supplement the metaphoric impulses with our own imagination and our own creativity. That gives a birth of greatness of artistic “consumption”.

So, is the “presentation of a live full orchestra concert” some kind of obligatory ingredient of great audio? Yes and no, I can elaborate but I do not feel it is important.  The most important in great audio is that the “grand audio equipment” shall be able to impose maximum amount of metaphors per playing time.  If the Claude Shannon’s compunction bridge between the expressed metaphors and consumed metaphors was established at necessary bandwidth by efforts of audio installation then the compliance of audio installation to “presentation of a live full orchestra concert” is absolutely irrelevant.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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