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Romy the Cat

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Foundation Standarts for Exposed Evaluation

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 guy sergeant wrote:
There's only one thing worse than trying to assess the merits of something from what it does at a HiFi show and thst's assessing it based on a recording at a HiFi Show made using a telephone.

Yes and no. More Yes you need to look deeper.

For sure the Sergey’s clips are not useful to make assumption about sound in this or that room, they not meant to be. I generally hate the becoming fashionable tradition to make videos of playbacks playing. Still, there is behind it an interesting concept – an opportunity to find a command denominator between Sound of different installations for the people who communicate over internet.

You have you own playback home and your own expectation of results and definitions of success. I have mine with my results and my definitions of success. Until you hear my playback, I hear your playback or we have some their party who heard both playbacks we have no common denominator to understand what we are taking about online. What we do in this case – we share mutual judgment and compare notice about the elements that we both heard and we apply the perceived correction ingredient into each other standing. This is very not accurate mechanism.

Now pretend the following scenario. The fucking idiots who run this industry instead of kiss each other ass on public and let simpletons to pay for observing the ceremony suddenly turn constrictive and come up with what I call “Foundation Standarts for Exposed Evaluation” (FSEE)

The FSEE would defend a specific set of conditions with witch each room of the show, each dealer show room, each reviewer room, in fact anybody who speak publicly about audio must comply. The conditions include the following:

1)    A standard FSEE dummy-head microphone setting with two well defined FSEE microphones.
2)    A standard FSEE A/D converted with microphone input.
3)    A standard FSEE microphone cable and FSEE-define recording software.
4)    Presence of open internet feed with unedited 150-meg 88/24 file recorded from sweat spot.

Warn you that FSEE equipment shall not be great, it might be very ordinary but the objective is not to demonstrate absolute quality but to level the ground and to set any more or less objective presentation. If I run the high-end show I would lease the FSEE kit and would fire any industry participant who do not reference to FSEE .

I think the presence and the USE of FSEE as some kind of entry point after which all the rest conversation might continue would be very healthy for the industry and very helpful for consumers.  Pretend that you visit some kind of company web site and instead of reding their typical BS literature you download a few FSEE-complaint audio files with the sound of the installations that the company endorses. If the company feels that their products do and make difference then let to demonstrate it by the actual results.

Romy the Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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