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Romy the Cat

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Hideous American operas.

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It is sometimes disgusting to see operas played in American theaters. It is known and it is unfortunate that the American public consciousness brewed on the mix of puritanical hippocratic absurdity mixed with the condemnations of Jewdaic-Christian morality. Yes, we Americans use the “prostitution on sexuality” for everything: form election of a President to promoting a new brand of toilet paper. However, it is VERY sad to see how our completely absurd “western” fear of sexuality screws up our operatic scene.

I do not think that today’s American singers, conductors or orchestras are particularly bad. However, what we could not escape is out own American “oversexism of undersexism” that consumes out operas as cancer’s metastases consume a healthy body. I refer to the laughably overly “steamy” staging and acting of the classical opera repertoire on US opera houses.

It is unnecessary to walk very far for the examples. The Puccini Tosca in Boston. The staging and the acting of the actors all centered on the idea that Tosca runs across the entire 3 acts with only one objective to jump in bed with Sacristan. The question "At what price?" gloriously amplified by the entire crew of actors, choreographers and stage directors and Tosca’s jumping into the Sacristan’s bed become an absolute culmination of the entire opera. If you have seen the faces of those actors and the Tosca’s testing with her hands the firmness of the Sacristan bed then you would understand why I would not be surprised if the Sacristan would sing right the way an aria about the benefits of  a save sex. The ''Carmen” in Cambridge, juts across the river. The way in which the opera was staged, converts the opera from a quest for freedom and liberation into an idiotic moral tale how God punishes women if they behave sexually predatory. What a twist!!!  The “Eugenie Onegin” in Boston; theater district. This opera absolutely killed me. I was hardly holding myself in order do not blast the entire theater with a loud giggle in the end of the second act. In the end of the opera when Onegin has his last duet with Tatyana Larina and when he realized that he loved her but she rejected him then what do you think they do? You right: they together DISASSEMBLE a huge bed that sits right in the middle of the stage (in fact there is no other decorations on the stage beside that bad).  During the entire two sets of the duets (before and after Tatyana let Onegin to know that she still love him) she jumps on and out of that bed, waving her butt (!!!), reacting to the Onegin words and contemplating what she should do. In the end when her realization of herself as a married women took place (according to the cretins who staged this scene) she refused the Onegin’s pressings.

Come on, get real. It is IMPOSABLE to watch operas when the CRAP like this is taking place on the stages. I found myself that I frequency close my eyes during the operas in order do not see that foolishness. When I do so, I wonder why did I even spend those $100 if I have a wonderful FM radio home where I would have a privilege do not see that“Americanization of opera”?

I wonder if is it only in US or that is the word-spread pandemic?

Romy the Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Re: Hideous American operas.


remeron zarb.co.uk
"I wonder if is it only in US." 'Fraid not. In fact, by all reports, it's worse in Europe, where the blatant sexualization of *everything* precedes the American experience, often by a decade or two. Just look at many of their magazines and newspapers -- and even British productions of Shakespeare!

Tosca of course is ripe for this development, which is one reason why I've never liked the thing anyway.

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Re: Hideous American operas.


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Because opera libretti are quite outdated, intendants of opera houses are trying to modernize their stage plays. They reinvent symbolism and implement this new "insights" into their opera productions often in a grotesk way. This is especially true in opera's that are full of archetypical contents, like the Richard Strauss and Richard Wagner opera's (Elektra, Salomé, Tristan und Isolde). I must say that there is a strong tendency to emphasize eroticism, because this archetypical element which is often used to spice up things is quite easy to implement.

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