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Romy the Cat

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Wywires – “Custom” designed cables?

Robert Levi from Positive Feedback posted a review about a new company from California – Wywires. The company reportedly does custom cables. It picked my interest on multiple levels. Since Purist went down in quality I do not have a cable supplier, and I need some cables. Secondary I am always very enthusiastic of hi-fi companies to do custom work.



The Robert Levi’s review was not too useful. Robert jumped out of his skin trying to convince me (the reader) that Wywires are worthy “product” – the subject that I absolutely do not care. There was nothing new in other words. Getting any information from Mr. Levi is like to ask a car sales person how a given car drives. So, I went to Wywires home page.

It looks like Wywires use copper Litz wire with loose cotton dialectic. Ok, it is fine but what I did not get from the company info were the “custom” aspect come from?  ANY company mach the ga of the cable with typical cured and any company will cat the cables of any length. So, what Wywires does “custom” that other do not do? I did not get this information and I do not think that that do anything. They do made some ridicules statements however claiming that their cable are “Forgiving of less than perfect recordings” and “Presents instruments in their lifelike scales”.

I do not know, sound a bit fishy. I do have cooper Litz wires in cotton dialectic with some “tunable” outer isolation. A friend of mine made it for me and he studied this subject for years. I do not use those cables as I feel that they are a bit dry and have absolutely no bass. Would the Wywires cables sound the same way? Hm…. I do not know.

The Wywires company sell direct “custom” cable direct (means cut cable from Litz roll) after a consultation with Alex – the company owner.  They do offer in home trial and promise to be very “custom”. I wonder if I need to call them and ask them to design a custom cable which would present violin and cello as the same sized instruments. I guess then Alex would sell the same Litz but the cotton tubing will be socks with soy sauce and blessed before shipping by a Catholic priest with one testicul while wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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Carbon cable
I think considering carbon cables for limited frequency range is not a bad idea.
van den hul have some carbon cables, they never improved their carbon cable but current models in my idea have a good sound.
carbon have some restriction but in a proper condition is good at his asking price.
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