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06-16-2009 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree

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Help FM Broadcast

Can anyone shed some light on this problem?  I am using a Yamaha T-85 stereo tuner.  It has meters to show the strength of signal quality.  Yesterday after installing a Terk indoor antenna and properly positioning the antenna I was able to get a reading of 100% signal strength.  This is the puzzling thing. The sound quality was not very good coming out of the speakers.  I actually have better sound quality coming out when the signal strength is shown at halfway point on the meter.  Why is this?

Is what I hear coming out of the speakers what I will get from recording? Or shall I record with strong signal strength and ignore sound coming from speakers and allow the DAC to filter out noise?  As of yet I have not purchased a DAC for recording so I cannot test this ahead of time.

I am trying to put the components in place to capture fm broadcast, but I first need to make sure I have decent reception.

Thanks for any advice.


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06-16-2009 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
Romy the Cat

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FM Tuners Yahoo users group

There is a quite active FM Tuners Yahoo users group where you might get some help.


The group is being run by their local Führer - an incredible idiot – Bob Fitzgerald, but the group has a number of good posters who might consult you on wide spectra of FM subjects. From what I have seen in that group a very few in there have understanding or objective about sound but the applied subject of tuner and general FM reception do fly in there.

The Cat

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