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BPO's virtual concert hall
Here's an innovative and interesting proposal by the Berliner Philharmoniker:


Next performance will be Mendelssohn's "Elias" with Ozawa as maestro.


"Science draws the wave, poetry fills it with water" Teixeira Pascoaes
05-11-2009 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
Paul S
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The Next Big Thing?
Tuga, in terms of logistics, I think this is just perfect for the Music Arts and for the Music Arts "Consumer", both.

Now, let's see/hear how/if they can/will pull it off in terms of Sound that makes the Music available.

For me, if this model works out in terms of Sound/Music, it would represent a huge hassle/expense to build up and re-configure my system in order to take advantage of the offering.

But since Program Material is one of my two biggest frustrations, I would be happy and excited to begin tuning in.

Needless to say, other great orchestras/opera companies will be watching the Bottom Line ($) here to see if it works on that level!

Thanks for sharing.

Best regards,
Paul S
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