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Post Subject: Initial set of the Macondo's axiomsPosted by Romy the Cat on: 8/2/2007

1) Horn loaded drivers are narrow-bandwidth transducing system. The wider range a horn channel covers the more it conflicts with restrictions of own topology.

2) All channels shell have strictly parallel axis

3) All channels shell be time-aligned, preferably naturally.

4) Horns shell have a minimum trout size, assuring proper LF equalization; still the length of the horns shell assure proper excursion of LF mouths over HF mouths.

5) Horns shell have a sufficient mass properly projected to a given channel’s LF boundary and the horn’s mass should be properly distributed within a horn.

6) The drivers within the channels should be selected not by own sonic merits but also by their ability to demonstrate similar sonic characteristics with the neighboring channels. The Absolute Tone of the drivers should be as close as possible to be transparent across all channels.

7) The acoustic system shell follows the principles of Imbedded Macro-Positioning  and shell peruses to hit the DPoLS – the ultimate setting for any acoustic system.

8) No dipole radiation or back-phase ingestion allowed.

9) Bass below the horn’s rate shell be unloaded from all horns

10) Horns channel shell be high-passed with min minimums crossover gap assuring no effect of the Horn Choking present

11) All channels shell use no crossovers higher then first order, no equalization of any kind, no Zobel or impedance compensation, no notching. Any higher orders crossovers, if ought to be used, shell use Bessel curve.

12) If a filter requires a phase inversion then it is preferable to flood crossover point with amplitude and do not invert phase.

13) Horns channel should use spherical horns, otherwise the only on-axis use of that acoustic system allowed. 

14) No axis offset in horizontal dimension shell be used.

To be continue. To be continue?

The Cat

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