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Post Subject: “Russian orchestra has high points and low“ Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/29/2006


I do not see which Vocalise it is. The LYS have managed to published a huge amount of Koussevitzky recordings before their ass got kicked and I think thsy have 3 versions Koussevitzky’s Vocalisess… Get any of them, it will do...
This  Koslovsky CD is absolutely unique and has some recoding that you would never find anywhere else (for instance Boris Godunov Pimen’s aria composed by… Rachmaninoff!). The quality of transfer is also very high…

BTW, if you look at my Musical News Service then there was a link in there from March 29 “Russian orchestra has high points and low“ It describes the performance you experienced. I do not know how accurate they are but whatever it worth….


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