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Post Subject: The DPoLS and LovePosted by Romy the Cat on: 3/12/2009

From an email that I got today:

“Just in one time I listened a sound that it's character was so close to your description about DPoLS ponit. That time me and my friend never think the placement was cause of good sound. My friend changed speaker position and we never find that night magical sound. Please if you have any experience for finding DPoLS guide us for finding this point at less time.”

Well, what can I reply?  Welcome to the club. Not the GoodSoundClub but to the club of the people who went, in may instance for many times, over the very same things as you went over with your friend. I experienced DPoLS a few time, twice with my own playback and in all occurrences I lost eventually and was forced to move speakers or do some other changes. Unfortunately I have no essay guide for finding the DPoLS, I am familiar with a few but I do not endorse them as I consider them not correct. Regrettably the only known to me “true way” is to keep moving those damn loudspeakers and keep teaching yourself to understand what you hear.

As a very general guideless the system installed in the DPoLS very much reminds a person that is in love. What you in love that all criticality toward to the subject of your love got evaporated and each manifestation of the subject you recognize as a magic blessing. Furthermore you feel as unique consumer of that magic, the consumer that have exclusive and special appreciation of those inspirations that comes from the subject of your love. Each single time I experienced the DPoLS I field exactly like this in relation to the sound I played.  The playback in DPoLS is a superbly powerful subordinating force in front of witch you absolutely voluntary give up and joyfully submerge yourself into the depth of the listening masochism

The caT

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