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Post Subject: The location of last cap and about the Milq6 cablesPosted by Romy the Cat on: 2/1/2009

Yes, the last cap of power supply much be on the side of load as it shell have a short path to ground. Without it you will have “less bass”, more crosstalk in case it is a stereo amp with single PS and a few other negative things.

With cables is more complicated and you need to do some thinking: what you need and how you need it and what you might need in future if you are planning this amp to grow. I think if you are planning to add one or more channels then you might allow in the cable to have a couple more wires, who know, you might need other voltage in there. I do not know what would be the best practice all together I might just say what I have done.

I decided to separate filament and none-filament cable between PS and the Amp because the filaments are AC and other voltages are DC and I did not want the AC and DC run in a same cables, even to separate them by shilding. So, I have filament cables made that had 6 wires: two parallel runs for 6.3V, two parallel runs for 12.6V and two parallel runs for ground. Each wire is 15A – as you see it is a huge overbuild, you will understand why in a minute. For high voltage cable I have made a 22 wires cable. It sounds too many but do not forget that my cable care 6 wires for indication what each time delay relay goes off and the service voltages. All auxiliary voltages are not referenced to ground of the amp. Milq is single-ended with signal flows through ground and I did not what to contaminate the ground with return path from fans or LEDs. You also need to consider the fact that your PS and Amp might be disconnected while the caps care the charge so, you do not want any males cable sticking out of chassis. You might use mild bleeders to discharge the PS caps or to active the bleeders what the main relay turn the amp off.

I do not know how about you but for me to fight with those connectors was a pain in ass. So, I outsourced everything. I found a local company, similar to what you found. In my case it was Positronic Industries and they had Front Runner Series Circular Connectors, I am sure you will find somebody local. So, I got their catalog, met this rep and wrote a specification for the cables I need. Since I completely outsourced the cables and the connectors making I wrote a truly over then necessary offensive specification. It was expense (around $800 for everything) but they built all males, females and cables that I needed for the projects and I did not burn my fingers…

Rgs, Romy

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