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Post Subject: Expiring Cygnets (Back to Bass-ics)Posted by Paul S on: 1/19/2009

In my case, the Wright Sound WPA3.5s, with ~8 Watts on tap in A2, could not handle my 97 dB speakers; not because it was not loud enough, but because the distortion was too much of a factor too much of the time, and "bass" was bass-ically AWOL.  And you are essentially looking at 1/4 that efficiency/power (94 dB @ ~ 4 Watts)?  Wouldn't this pretty much guarantee the Dying Swan, at best?

Maybe if you will be wearing the M&Ms like headphones in a small room...

A popular alternative amongst the fringe-dwellers is PP DHT (like those by Alex, the Rusky designer at 3d-audio).  Then, there's parallel output...

Or, you might save time by bi-amping, or something akin to it involving split taps and bi-wiring?  At the least, the A2 option seems to make sense here.  Even though I do not believe it provides a "linear" doubling of acceptable output, still it imparts a better sense of dynamic ease over a more useable range, in terms of frequency range and SPLs.

While I don't have any strong urges at present to abandon the ML2s for flea power, I never did have problems with the un-stressed sound of the better flea amps I tried.  Stressed is another matter, however, and they are EASILY stressed, as you know.  Hell, my 97 dB "FR" speakers stress the ML2s!

I'll be perfectly happy (and happy for you) to be "wrong" (again...), but I'm guessing that if the M&Ms are otherwise "good enough", then you will clearly hear the stress as the little amps swoon while atempting FR @ 94 dB/W.

Best regards,
Paul S

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