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Post Subject: That hideous cover work!Posted by yoshi on: 1/13/2009
I almost pick it up on ebay several times, but the hideous cover work always stopped me from committing to it!


OK, Sibelius and Munch were both from Scandinavia, Sibelius from Finland and Munch from Norway, but that's the only connection I can imagine (except one ot two painting by Munch that may echoe Swan of Tuonela).  I can't think of any artistic connection between these two artists.  Then, the designer surround the image with pink!  Pink is the farthest color I can think of in relationship with Sibelius!  And, to make the matter worse, the stupid designer uses Art Deco kind of fonto for "Sibelius" and "Colin Davis"!  What the hell is he thinking!  I bet the designer never actually heard any of Sibelius' work and the only input he had was that the composer was from somewhere in Scandinavia.

Well, since you recommend it, I'll give it a try, and if I liked it, I'll cover the entire box with the image of "Appeal to the Great Spirit".


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